6 Side Jobs for People Who Are Good With Money

Are you good with money, but need more of it? There might be a great side job available for you to use your mad saving skills. Being good with money can go a long way. Just make sure your side hustle doesn't directly reflect your main gig, as this skill can open up plenty of opportunities for other side jobs. There is no reason to burn yourself out by accumulating disposable income. Here are six great side jobs for people who are spectacularly money savvy. (See also: 30 Great Side Jobs)

1. Tax Preparer

Did you know you can create a side job to do people's taxes? It's not as easy as making a Turbotax account and learning deductions, though. Some states require certifications, and getting bonded might be recommended to keep from being sued, but tax preparation can be lucrative. Check out a tax business like H&R Block or Jackson-Hewitt before committing to this side job, but if you have the skills and want to spend some money up front to get started, go for it!

2. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is a must have for a small business or startup, and someone who is good with QuickBooks can go a long way. If you are savvy with QuickBooks — or even just tracking expenses in Excel — this is the perfect freelance position to go for. A knack for producing financial statements, and a willingness to take on that responsibility for a business makes you the perfect potential bookkeeper.

3. Writer

If you're good with money, you probably have some advice to give. So why not write for a blog? There's a great one by the name of, ahem, Wise Bread, that offers payment for writing. You can also write for other blogs based on your personal interests and passions, and earn a decent chunk of change doing so.

4. Teacher

Being good with money is a skill, and you should share it. There are great and easy ways to share skills on platforms like Udemy and Pathwright. Also, you should consider teaching in person at a university or community college in your area. If you aren't a certified financial planner, steer clear of certain subjects, but basic budgeting skills are definitely transferable from person-to-person.

5. Cashier

If you're good with money, working the register at a retail or grocery store is a somewhat obvious position to take on. Being able to count money quickly, keeping up with transactions, and closing out at the end of the night is a valuable skill. You also will have to have a customer service heart, but that can come with the love of extra cash.

6. Tutor

Math is one of the hardest subjects for people to grasp. If you have a good hold on the subject because of your money skills, consider tutoring children and adults in algebra or other subjects. As finance classes are a requirement now in many schools, there may be an opportunity to teach that as well.

What side jobs do you do for extra money? Share with us in the comments!

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6 Side Jobs for People Who Are Good With Money

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