6 Smartphone Apps to Help you Save Big

Photo: William Hook

Some people won’t stop to clip a coupon, but dig the idea of downloading an application for their phone that will help them save more than a few bucks on their next purchase. 

Are you that person?  Whether you’re most excited about paying less for car repairs, avoiding expensive over-limit fees, or taking your kiddos out to lunch, there’s most likely “an app for that!” 


Platform: iPhone, Blackberry

If the thought of skipping a home-cooked meal and heading out to dinner with the kids appeals to you, then you’ll love the genius behind KidsMealDeals.  You’ll get a wide assortment of chain and independent restaurants looking to give you free kid meals with the purchase of an adult dish!  (And you thought parenting was expensive!) 


Platform: iPhone

This no-frills, free app brings you just want you want from the mega classified site (including listings, photos, and descriptions) in an easy-to-use format.  No more waiting until you get home to search out that hard-to-find item.  iCraig lets you search by many of the same parameters as the website, giving you an advantage against the competitors.   

Check out our full Lifescoop article to get the full scoop on all our favorite apps!


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Just wanted to let you know the link to your article isn't working.

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If you want to save $1000 per year, ditch your smartphone and quit buying apps.

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Wouldn't the smartphone itself cost you a bundle, though?

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Two apps is NOT equal to the six in the article title.

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I agree that you won't save money if you run out and buy a smartphone just for the apps.  I personally didn't even own a cell until last year, when a project allowed me to get one for almost nothing.  For those who are already spending money on a phone, apps are a great way to get a little more from their plans -- and don't forget about the many employees who get their phones AND their service subsidized or paid in full as a work perk!  These are the people who are most likely able to download apps and realize the most savings potential.

Thanks for the comments :)

Linsey Knerl

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This article is an intro for our full article at:


Feel free to stop over to the My Life Scoop website to see the rest of the 4 apps!


Linsey Knerl

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I do not own an IPhone but have several friends who do.

I certainly see where all the "app" fever is being generated from . I agree with the earlier comment, downloading a lot of apps could be expensive.

I would stick to the ones I use on a regular basis.

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