6 Solid Online Resources to Help You Find a Job

Photo: Seth Anderson

When job searching, those who have access to the best tools can keep their advantage in a tough market.  Here are my favorite 6 online resources designed to help you find a job. 

PC Magazine’s “The 20 Best Job Search Web Sites” 

Just when I thought I knew about every search tool on the net, PC Mag pulls out a few designed for specific aspects of the job search process.  (Like Hound’s engine, which pulls job listings directly from employer career pages.) 



This review-based website caught my eye when it appeared in a recent Kim Komando Cool Site of the Day feature.  Freelancers, contractors, or consultants can offer their services on the site, or those looking to get a few specialty tasks done can post their need, with little to no hassle.  It does all the things you love about posting an odd-job or contracting opportunity to Craigslist, without the Craigslist. 


Fast Company’s “Ten Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade” 

While I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the list (which includes, farmer, among other jobs), it’s a good exercise in targeting what the most likely high-need green jobs will be.  You don’t have to do too much speculation to agree that “solar power installer” may be a great field to get into – if your current job field has been all but eliminated due to the changing economy. 


Freelance Switch’s “9 Steps Toward Genuine & Effective Networking” 

Mark Shead shares the most effective methods in this excellent roundup of ways to keep potential job prospect close.  While none of them are new, many of us have lost ties with these more “traditional” ways of networking.  Send something through the mail?  For real?  Guess I better buy some of those forever stamps. 


Mainstreet’s “Job Fair Prep: 4 Ways to Get Ready” 

As tens of thousands of job seekers cram into job fairs, it is no longer acceptable to just “wing it.”  To stand out as the best candidate, you must come prepared and be ready to bring your A-game.  Carl Winfield’s brief but pointed piece puts the basics out there for job hunters to consider. 


Paul Michael’s “How to Answer 23 of the Most Common Interview Questions” 

Sure, I’m biased.  This Wise Bread article is one of our most popular.  But is it any coincidence that I find it to be one of the most helpful?

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Like you, I am a work at home mom and writer, and I really appreciate the job resources you mentioned here. Workstir.com looks particularly intriguing to me. Thanks very much for this helpful information.

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I put this post up on twitter (ctreit). Good list.

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Great site recommendations-- I wouldn't want to be searching for a job right now!

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http://blogs.jobdig.com/wwds :
I AM jobhunting in this market, and it's horrible. I enjoy this website for advice.

www.linkup.com :
I use THIS website in my job-hunting to look for listings scraped directly from company websites.

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Great post, Linsey, as usual, and nice pic. Finding jobs is the biggest dilemma most of us face, and online resources are a huge help. Thanks for the tips.

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Nice! The Fast Company article is of particular interest to me. I've bookmarked it and will pour over it tomorrow :)

I wrote a little instructional article for wikiHow on a great site I recently found (Indeed.com) and how I use it to follow job listings.

Here's the article I wrote:
How to Optimize Online Job Searches

linkup.com seems like a similar site but I just tried to search on it and it doesn't recognize my hometown. I think it might only work for US cities which is unfortunate.

I also wrote a much longer article on my own site about job searches that might be useful:
Get That New Job

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Thanks for all of the great information! I believe you have to be creative and stimulating in order to put yourself on the market and show others what you can do. I have been using a website called http://www.careersuccessions.com that provides tools to make future candidates for employment stand out of the crowd. The site offers career consultants, job hunting tips, and career advancement. Good luck!

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There are more chances online to get a job but you have to know to do something and insist!