6 Tips to Make Your Flip Videos Rock


The Flip is a popular handheld digital video camera used by many to capture precious family moments and create stunning viral videos for display on the web. While the cameras themselves are super simple to use, the results are often less than glamorous. With the help of the experts, we share 6 ways to make your Flip (or any other brand of camera) clips look like a pro handled them in our recent My Life Scoop article.  Here are two of those tips to get you started!

1. Stabilize your Video

No one wants to watch a video that’s jarring, shaky, or causes nausea in the audience, so take care to keep your camera steady during filming. While there are a number of Flip accessories designed to keep the camera still and free your hands for more important things, the best tip is surprisingly free! Michael Natkin of Herbivoracious.com states you can “just hold it firmly against a wall, on a chair or a bookcase, or even your knee if you are sitting down. You’ll be amazed how much more watchable your videos are.”

2. Pay Attention to Color and Patterns

Not understanding how these two factors can appear in a video is a big mistake that amateurs often make. Helynna Brooke, Producer of West Coast Video Productions, gives a few pointers for avoiding a dizzying effect. “Avoid fine checks, stripes, herringbone or other busy patterns. Men, skip the authoritative black suit with the red power tie. Your bold logo on a t-shirt may be too distracting on video.” She recommends sticking to solid colors, such as pastels, and neutral colors, such as beige, gray, green, brown or blue. 

Looking to learn more about the process of making amazing home videos?  Check out the full six tip article at My Life Scoop today

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