6 Ways Autumn Is Good for Your Mind and Body


While summer offers a host of ways to stay healthy and active, we can't dismiss fall as a beneficial season for our minds, bodies, and souls. Take a look at these reasons autumn is good for you, and let me know how you take advantage of the crisper weather in the comments below.

1. Relief From Allergies

Say so long to all that sneezing and wheezing you do during the spring and summer months as those cool fall breezes help clear the air.

"Autumn is good in a sense that it gives relief from atopy, seasonal allergies and pollen-induced allergic reactions," says internal medicine specialist Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif. "Exercise-induced allergy is also relieved in a considerable number of patients. Asthmatics also get relief in this season as there is a considerable decrease in grass, flowers, and tree pollens, and it makes the airways least irritated and triggered."

2. Warm Days Are Perfect for Exercising

The beginning of autumn is still relatively warm in most of the U.S., which is a great time to sneak in a little more summer or outdoor exercise. Consider alternative ways of working out, such as integrating movement into your TV-watching schedule on inside days, to prevent falling into a sedentary lifestyle that we're prone to later in the year.

3. More Laid-Back Outdoor Activities

There are an even greater number of outdoor activities that you can do in the fall that can be prohibited by the extreme heat during the summer. Hiking, biking, and kayaking, for example, are great ways to get out, stay active, but perform at your own pace.

4. An Abundance of Healthy Produce

The colder it gets later in the fall, the more you'll crave comfort food — which is just one of the many reasons why you should indulge in all the exciting and uber-healthy fruits and vegetables produced from the autumn harvest. Apples, pears, peaches, and pumpkin are just for starters.

Not only is your locally grown produce packed full of vitamins and nutrients, but you're also reducing your carbon footprint by purchasing items that don't have to be transported long distances and supporting your local economy, of course.

And just so we're clear, pumpkin spice is not in this category.

5. The Switch to Standard Time Can Encourage Better Sleep Habits

Besides getting an extra hour of sleep if you go to bed early enough on the "fall back" switchover, there are other ways you can take advantage of the switch.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends using this time to reset your sleep habits by going to sleep and waking the same time every day, using bright light to help manage your "body clock," selecting a relaxing bedtime ritual, and more. If you have trouble adjusting to the change — and you're not alone; millions of people have the same problem — perhaps these tips from BetterSleep.org for surviving Daylight Saving Time will help you survive Standard Time, too.

6. We Get Back to Our Regular Routines

As someone who lives by the beach, I can attest to the difficulty of maintaining a routine during the summer. But thanks to the school system in the United States, which typically runs from September to June, we have structure already in place to help us get back on track. It's certainly not as fun as frolicking in the sand all day, but having a routine is scientifically proven to make us happier and healthier by providing a sense of security and other factors.

Do you have more reasons why autumn is good for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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