6 Ways Good Credit Is Better Than a Boyfriend

Having good credit may not sound like much when compared to romance. After all, there aren’t many candlelit dinners, vases overflowing with roses, or long walks on the beach with good credit.

However, while having a significant other is a wonderful thing, a strong credit history can enhance your life in ways romance can't quite match. Here are some things that your love life can’t always promise you — but good credit can.

1. Good credit is always there for you

No matter when you need it — whether it’s the middle of the night, or the middle of the workday — good credit is always there for you. Even if you just want to check it again, one more time to feel more secure, good credit doesn’t think you're being clingy.

Good credit doesn’t require anything special to keep it happy: Simply keep up with smart money habits, and it will show up wherever and whenever you need it, whether it’s for a car loan, a home loan, or that new apartment you’ve been wanting. (See also: 6 Ways Life Is Better With Good Credit)

2. Good credit comes through in an emergency

Do you need to move across town quickly? Good credit will help you land an awesome new apartment. It will also help get your utilities set up without any deposits or letters of guarantee, making the whole process quick and painless.

Maybe your car got totaled and you need a loan for a new one, fast. Good credit will come through for you there, too, giving you a better chance of getting the best terms on the loan for your new ride. (See also: 5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Fast)

3. Good credit rewards you every day

When you have a solid credit score, you stand a much better chance of qualifying for the best rewards credit cards that fit your needs and lifestyle, and at a much lower rate. This means that every time you swipe, you’ll earn bonuses, miles, or cash back that will make your life a little sweeter. And it’s all thanks to good credit, who helped you land the cards in the first place.

A romantic partner might reward you on occasion, but there will undoubtedly be some rocky times. That high credit score, however, is committed to making your life a little better every single day. (See also: The Best Credit Cards for People With Excellent Credit)

4. Good credit saves you money

Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries: Significant others can be expensive! Good credit, on the other hand, helps keep your money in your pockets. You’ll pay less in deposits for things like utilities and mobile phone contracts. You’ll pay less in interest on loans and credit cards. Your auto insurance rates will be lower, too. Every day, you’ll have more money to spend on the things that make you happy, all courtesy of good credit.

5. Good credit helps you get a home

Buying a home with your significant other can be pretty scary. Buying a home with good credit, though, is easy. You'll get preapproved in a snap, and your mortgage payment will be lower thanks to a better rate. This will leave you with more room in the budget for things like decorating, dining out, and — most importantly — savings. (See also: What Is a Good Credit Score and Why Is It Important?)

6. Good credit helps you get your way

There’s no partner on earth who will let you have your way all the time — but good credit will. Maybe you need a small loan to cover an unexpected home repair. If you harness the negotiation power of a sky-high credit score, you can ask for a lower interest rate or a more attractive repayment plan. You can also shop around for the best quotes from different lenders, and leverage them to get an even better deal.

Romantic relationships make life worthwhile and so does having strong credit. Sometimes, romance is better — but other times, a good credit score is more comforting, reliable, supportive, and helpful than a boyfriend.

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6 Ways Good Credit Is Better Than a Boyfriend

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