6 Ways to Always Have Something Interesting to Say


No matter the situation, having something interesting to say is an asset. It attains that elusive quality of making yourself appear much smarter and more interesting than you actually are. No matter what your IQ is, having a little extra conversational boost is going to make you appear infinitely more fascinating and impressive to those around you. (See also: How to Spice Up Conversation)

Want to always have something interesting to say? It's a lot easier than you might think.

1. Potluck: The Bite-Sized News App

Reading newspapers? Who wants all the printer's ink on their fingers? Reading full articles online? Ain't nobody got time for that. Fortunately, Potluck boils down the day's events into bite-sized little chunks that allow you to initiate conversation as well as keep up with your friends. It's the perfect app for the professional on the go who wants to be able to have something of value to contribute to a conversation, but just doesn't have the time to follow the news. (See also: 10 Self-Improvement Apps)

2. Now I Know: Trivia to Your Inbox

How about just getting a list of cool facts and the story surrounding them sent to your inbox on a daily basis? That's just what Now I Know does. Whether it's the story of how the Secret Service was created by Abraham Lincoln on the day he was shot or the real facts on how carrots were once purple, Now I Know is going to give you a small army of brain candy factoids to deploy for just about any occasion.

3. Mental Floss: Listicles That Matter

Mental Floss is the gold standard when it comes to brain candy journalism. Their online incarnation is head and shoulders above the rest of the listicle-style websites populating the Internet today. Read a couple of articles every day — or just skim them even — and you're not only going to be amused, you're going to be filled to the brim with delectable tidbits of pop science and pop culture information to wow friends and colleagues alike. (See also: 25 Ways to Make Yourself Smarter)

4. Turn Twitter Into a Fascination Feed

Here's an interesting way to use Twitter. Instead of following friends and boring news outlets, follow trendsetters, thought leaders, and other sources of bite-sized knowledge. Whether you're into WW2 history or the latest developments in mobile content marketing, there's a Twitter feed for you. Time's list of the 140 best Twitter feeds is a great place to start. (See also: Ways to Use Social Media in Business)

5. Bathroom Books

Are you someone who likes to read in the bathroom? There's a whole industry of bathroom books designed with bite-sized articles filled with interesting information. "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" series is the original and the king of them all. It's great to have lying around… just hide it when company comes over lest someone else find out where you're getting your interesting conversational tidbits from.

6. Reddit: The Thinking Person's Internet Time Sink

You should sign up for a Reddit account, even if you don't plan to ever post anything there. Why? Because there are entire Reddits dedicated to interesting knowledge and factoids, allowing you to simply scan and get as much or as little information as you need. In fact, there's an entire culture of "TIL" ("Today I Learned") over at Reddit, designed just for people who love a daily supply of delicious brain candy.

What's your favorite source of "cocktail party" conversation starters (other than Wise Bread, of course!)?

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