6 Ways to Make Perfectly Cooked Eggs

Eggs are one of my favorite foods. No matter how they're cooked, I'll eat them. However, there's just nothing better than perfectly cooked eggs. Here are the techniques to make perfect eggs, any way you like them. (See also: 10 Fantastic Facts About Eggs)

Scrambled Eggs

Did you know you're probably making your scrambled eggs all wrong? According to Gordon Ramsay, adding salt and beating the eggs too early prevent the eggs from turning out nice and fluffy. Here's how he makes the perfect scrambled eggs. (I leave out the Creme Fraiche, and it still tastes great.)

Poached Eggs

Poached eggs have always seemed too intimidating to try making at home, but here's the secret to making the perfect poached egg.


Omelettes are usually overcooked, dense and textureless. Here's how to properly make an omelete, creating a perfectly silky breakfast.

Half, Soft, Hard Boiled Eggs

No matter how cooked you like your boiled eggs, this video will show the you the perfect timing to make soft, half, or hard boiled eggs.

Over Easy/Medium/Hard

Alton Brown cracks the mysterious egg case to show the perfect technique for over easy eggs (or however cooked you like them). (The cooking starts at around 7:20 minutes.)

Sunny Side Up Eggs

How do you make perfect sunny sunny side up eggs? Mr. Breakfast reveals the secret to cooking the egg whites without overcooking the yolk!

How do you like your eggs? Share your secrets in the comments!

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Mmmm... this just made me really hungry for eggs. I love over easy eggs.

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*throwing plate at the wall* - I said over-easy!!!

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I've always loved Egg in a Hole: Take a piece of your favorite bread and use a cookie cutter or a knife to cut a two-inch hole in the center. Melt some butter in a pan, put the bread in, then crack an egg in the bread hole. Season to taste, flip, and pull off the heat when the egg is cooked to your liking. The bread will be crisp and buttery, great for soaking up yolk.

One last secret: put the leftover bread circle in the pan with the butter as well. Divine.