6 Ways to Save on Pregnancy Expenses


Babies are expensive. But if you develop the mindset of saving money before your child is even born, it will be easier for you to raise them frugally. Here are some ideas to save you cash during your pregnancy.

1. Visit the Dollar Store

Pregnancy tests can be crazy expensive. Fortunately, you can also get them at the dollar store! Some people feel concerned about whether or not the cheaper tests will work. Luckily, the technology behind a pregnancy test is pretty basic and, as long as you don't need early detection and aren't concerned what the package looks like, the cheap ones work just as well as the regular ones — and can save you a bunch of cash.

2. Be Smart About Maternity Clothes

Instead of buying new, try hitting up your friends to see if anyone has maternity clothes you could borrow. Shop thrift stores, too (most have a small maternity section). Buy items you can still wear post-pregnancy, like shirts with empire waists, or use a Bella Band to extend the life of your regular pants. Sometimes, items in larger sizes will work just as well as maternity wear, and you will want these larger-but-regularly-cut clothes after the baby comes.

3. Add Practical Items to Baby Registries

A lot of people want to have useful things on hand when baby comes, but feel silly putting practical items, like diapers and wipes, on a gift registry. Here's the truth: You won't know if that expensive swing will work for your baby until after you have your child home, but every baby needs diapers. So put those practical things on your registry and let other people buy them for you. Gift cards are great, too.

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4. Decide What You Need Based on Your Lifestyle

Instead of buying every baby item under the sun, try prioritizing based on what you already know. For instance, I love to take long walks, so I knew that I wanted to buy a really nice stroller during my first pregnancy. The point is this: You don't have to buy everything. Get what is important to you and wait on the rest. If/when you need it, you can get it then.

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5. Research Pregnancy Freebies

Lots of stores, like Babies 'R Us or Amazon Mom, offer point systems. If you pick one or two of these and use them regularly, you'll be able to earn free items. Since you'll do a lot of purchasing while you're pregnant, you'll be racking up points before the baby even comes. In addition, many doctors offices and companies offer all kinds of free samples if you just ask. Try things like formula, diaper creams, lotions, and more before you buy.

6. Compare Medical Costs

There can be quite a huge discrepancy between what different medical providers charge for the same procedures. Before you choose a doctor, hospital, or provider for any prenatal testing, check out all your options. This means doing everything from making sure that you are going to a provider covered by your insurance to figuring out who will give you the best price on things like ultrasounds.

Have you saved money on pregnancy expenses? What did you do?

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