7 Careers That Pay Women More Than Men

The good news is that as the gender pay gap continues to narrow, women are out-earning men in new and surprising fields, helping reverse the stereotype of men as the breadwinners. Clearly, we've got a long way to go to achieve equality in the workplace. But we're making strides. Read on for our roundup of the careers where women are bringing home the bacon. A few of them just might surprise you.

1. Construction Worker

Though they hold only about 3% of the jobs, female construction laborers, construction supervisors, and maintenance painters earn more money than their male counterparts, according to a Forbes analysis of median weekly earnings for full-time workers.

2. Car and Airplane Mechanic

Forbes also found that female car and airplane mechanics earn slightly more than their male colleagues. Caren Goldberg, a management professor at American University, has an inkling as to why: "Researchers have found that both sexes fare better when they are in the minority," she said. "Women who choose male-dominated jobs are likely perceived as 'atypical' or less consistent with the stereotypes associated with women, which are also associated with lower-paying jobs."

3. Bartender Helper

There is perhaps no higher paid bartender than the attractive woman who treats her patrons like old friends. Female bartender helpers earn, on average, about $2,000 more per year than men who pour drinks and collect empty glasses. That works out to $40 a week in extra cash.

4. Teacher's Assistant

Women account for 92% of the nation's teacher assistants, earning a median salary of $474 a week, compared to men's $453. Teacher assistants work under a teacher's supervision to give students additional attention and instruction, a role that's projected to grow 9% — 100,000 more jobs — by 2022. If you like to travel or want to be home to raise the kids, the job comes with perks: About 4 in 10 teacher assistants work part time and get summers off.

5. Nutritionist

Women also earn more than men in higher paying jobs like nutritionists, as well as fields in the life, physical, and social sciences. The median pay for nutritionists of both genders is $55,240 per year — with women earning slightly more than men. Nutritionist jobs are in demand, with a faster than average, 21% job growth rate through 2022.

6. Baker

Baking also helps women bring home the bigger slice of bread. Female bakers earn 104% more than male bakers, taking home $18 more than men in median weekly earnings. Employment researcher Laurence Shatkin tells Forbes that baking is essentially a production job with odd hours, and women may have more flexibility to work higher-paying night or early-morning shifts.

7. Computer Programmer

Female computer programmers earn a median of $62,000 a year, and those in the top 10% of the field make a salary of $111,000. Other perks include standard 40-hour work weeks and often, the option of telecommuting. Another bonus: To start, computer programmers usually need no work experience and no specialized certification beyond a bachelor's or associate's degree. That bodes well for women who want a well-paying career but don't want to shell out the money it takes to become a doctor or attorney.

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