7 DIY Easter Baskets That Cost $10 or Less

The Easter bunny will hop across America on Sunday, March 27. Four out of five Americans will participate in the celebration, spending upwards of $17 billion, or $145 per person, on everything from greeting cards and flowers to food and candy. If you're looking to cut back on this year's holiday splurge, a great place to start is the Easter basket. Read on for our guide to architecting a basket full of simple, stellar fillers for $10 or less.

1. The Beach Basket

If you live on the shore or you're planning an upcoming family beach vacation, try out a sunshine-and-sand-themed Easter basket. Start with a sand bucket. If you already own one, clean it up and use it, otherwise you can buy a new one for a couple bucks at your local party store. Fill the pail with low-cost beachy items, such as an inflatable beach ball, flip flops, or stuffed sea life animals.

If you have multiple children, consider drawing up paper invitations to a sand castle building contest! Give the contest a nifty name and be sure to outline the rules. For example, you might want to institute a one-hour time limit and declare yourself the judge. And don't forget to set the date! For inspiration, print out photos of spectacular sand castles and staple them into an idea book.

2. The Wellness Basket

Revolt against sugary jelly beans and the Russell Stover chocolate rabbit with a healthy spin on this year's Easter gift. To begin, swap the traditional wicker basket for your child's lunch box and fill it with healthy snacks. Think almonds, tangerines, grapes, and little boxes of raisins. If your child has a favorite fruit or veggie, be sure to include it. Toss in a jump-rope, fun Band-Aids, a stopwatch, or a cool pair of running socks for good measure.

3. Spring Has Sprung Basket

Dig around the garage for an empty flower pot. Scrub it clean and fill it with tulip bulbs and seed packets. Toss in a pair of gardening gloves, a shovel, and instructions on how to grow your own spring flowers — and voila! You've got yourself a green thumb spin on the traditional Easter basket.

4. For Your Little Artist

Got a wicker basket sitting around the house? Find some simple Easter-themed clip-art on the computer and print it out in black and white for homemade coloring sheets. Staple a few favorites together and you've got yourself a custom coloring book. Include a small box of crayons or a paintbrush and a set of non-toxic paint.

5. For the Tech-Head

For the child who's always glued to a screen: Fill a basket with handmade coupons redeemable for prizes. One iTunes song download. One movie download. One new smartphone app priced under $2. To make it last, add the stipulation that only one coupon can be redeemed per week. Staple the coupons into a book so they don't get lost in the shuffle of the holiday.

6. For Your Little Handyman

Clean up an old tool box and fill it with a toy hammer and wrench, a clipboard and paper, and a measuring tape. You can also pick up a kid-sized hard hat for $3 to $6 on Amazon. If you don't have a spare tool box sitting around the house, you can buy a plastic crate for about $1 at Walmart.

7. For the Fashionista

An inexpensive purse or a statement hat make for perfect replacement Easter baskets for little girls who love style and design. Fill the purse or the head of the hat with mini bottles of nail polish (navy, beige, gray, and apple red are trending right now), a pocket mirror, a brush, and a set of colorful barrettes.

What are you planning to spend on Easter baskets this year? What do you plan to include in them?

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