7 Foods Scientifically Proven to Make You (More) Beautiful

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn't mean you can't help it along. Our diet plays a strong role in how we look and feel. These seven foods will do wonders for that reflection in the mirror.

1. Salmon

Everyone says salmon makes your skin glow, and in this case, everyone is right. Salmon and other fatty fishes such as tuna are loaded with iron, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids. Not only do these compounds give you radiant skin, they also provide your scalp and hair with plenty of nourishment. If you don't eat fish, flaxseed is a great alternative that provides similar benefits.

2. Lean Protein

Speaking of hair, do your locks need a boost from the inside out? Add some lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, or eggs to your diet. Protein helps restore and preserve the shine of your hair, as well as making it grow faster and stronger.

3. Berries

Cranberries, blueberries, and acai berries are loaded with antioxidants. These antioxidants aid blood flow and promote regular cell turnover to keep skin looking and feeling its best. Antioxidants keep wrinkles at bay, too.

4. Citrus

Vitamin C does a whole body good, inside and outside. It helps strengthen gums, the foundation of a beautiful smile. Vitamin C also helps our bodies produce collagen, the tissue that gives skin its elasticity and smooth appearance. As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen, so a boost in vitamin C helps keep us looking our best.

5. Dried Fruit

Want stronger hair and nails? Reach for a handful of dried fruit such as raisins or apricots the next time you get the munchies. Many dried fruits are rich in iron, a key nutrient for healthy hair and nails.

6. Greens

Here's another great reason to get your greens, be they kale, broccoli, or spinach: Your hair will thank you for it. The abundant vitamins A and C in green vegetables keep your hair soft, smooth, glossy, and strong.

7. Whole Grains

We often hear about the benefits of whole grains to control our weight and keep us regular. And those benefits are warranted. Did you know whole grains are also incredible for the skin? The iron, zinc, and vitamin B in whole grains fight acne and keep our complexion even and clear.

Using topical beauty treatments can cost a fortune and the results are often mixed. When we condition the body from the inside out, not only do we improve our overall health, but others see it too. Enjoy these foods and you'll make your best, most beautiful first impression.

Are these beautiful foods part of your diet?

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Our diet plays a strong role in how we look and feel. These seven foods will do make you feel and look more beautiful. | #beautiful #beautyfood

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