7 Frugal Fall Decoration Tips


Goodbye, summer. Hello, fall! If you want to get your place festive on the cheap, I have some amazing, super simple, and frugal ideas for you. So, check out these decor tips and feel free to share your own in the comments. (Related: 18 Amazing DIY Decorating Projects That Are Easier Than You Think)

1. Use the Harvest

Cornstalks, pumpkins, and hay bales bring the icons of the season back home. These organic decorations give your place rustic appeal and don't cost terribly much. Check farm markets and local farms before heading to big box stores for better prices and quality. I've even found inexpensive pumpkins at discount shops like Aldi and great deals on mums at the Christmas Tree Shops.

2. Take a Hike

Take a walk out your front door and see what you find in your yard for free. This temporary stained glass window was created using colorful leaves and clear contact paper. I tried this project in my own home last year and it stayed fresh and bright from late September until the first snowfall.

3. Just Add Water

Hosting a potluck or dinner party? Forget pricey floral centerpieces and grab a few twigs with the leaves still attached from your backyard. You can go monochromatic or get a rainbow of shades. Arrange these beauties in a wide vase, add water, and enjoy!

4. Keep It Subtle

You don't need to change around everything in your house to get it feeling fall-ish. Add pops of autumnal oranges, reds, and yellows using throw pillows. You can even sew an upcycled pillow cover using an old sweater. Or toss a warm-toned blanket on your couch. Not only will your living room feel cozy, but you'll also have a functional coverup for when the temperatures start to drop.

5. Get Creative

Try making a DIY wreath for your front door using just a few supplies from your local craft shop or Dollar Store. Choose a base wreath, leaf garland, and other embellishments. Then hot glue everything into place. I like shopping places that offer 40% to 50% off coupons like A.C. Moore and Michael's. Comb their websites for more information and stagger trips to use multiple coupons for more expensive items.

6. Hunt Around

I love this autumn bunting made from vintage book paper. Try browsing around local thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales for nature prints. Craft a quick triangle pattern from cardstock or cardboard. Then trace it onto each sheet, cut it out, and use a punch to make holes. Thread them all together with twine or rope and hang wherever you like.

7. Snack on It

Even some of your favorite fall foods can get in on the fun. Fill a glass jar with sugary candy corn or unpopped corn kernels and add a candle or two. Apples and squash are other gorgeous edibles that do double-duty as decorations until you're ready to devour them. Hang everything in a three-tiered basket for easy access and sight.

How do you brighten up your place for fall?

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