7 Job Search Stunts to Get You Noticed by Employers

Did you ever think your dream job would be snatched away by a desperate grad with a viral gimmick? No. No you didn't.

In today's society, we're more interested social media hacks than work experience. We'd rather follow a good speaker than a good leader. And we'd rather have an out-of-the-box thinker than someone who knows what he/she wants. (See also: 10 Outdated Job Hunt Techniques to Avoid)

But don't worry, the same rules apply to you. If your previous job hunting strategies have failed, we've compiled an inspiring list of crazy stunts that landed real jobs for real people.

1. Billboard Lands Media Grad 60 Job Offers

By far the most publicized job stunt in recent memory is that of Adam Pacitti, a college grad with a media production degree who found himself working as a coin exchanger at a video game arcade.

After job applications failed, Adam decided enough was enough and of course, as any of us would have done, spent his last 500 pounds on a billboard. After being featured in literally every news source imaginable, Adam received over 60 solid job offers and went to work for award-winning production company KEO.

What few people realize is that Adam put a whole lot more work in than simply buying a billboard. His spot in news media was only the result of a successful multi-platform social media campaign that went viral. Viral media always finds its way into the news these days, so his success shouldn't be a surprise.

If that sounds like too much work, you'll love our next stunt.

2. Grad Student Suits Up, Hits the Metro, and Lands a Job

If you aren't one for all that social media nonsense, you'll love the story of Alfred Ajani. Alfred's marketing degree wasn't enough to land one of 300 positions he applied for, so he decided to go on the offensive.

Armed with a suit and a stack of CVs, Alfred posted up at Waterloo station, collecting a few emails and business cards in the process.

Oh but wait, that's actually not what landed him his job. Twitter took his post viral, where it caught the attention of recruitment company Asoria Group, who offered him a job via… LinkedIn.

Looks like you're going to need those social media accounts after all.

3. Grad Lands Dream Job After Walking London Streets In a Sandwich Board

At this point, you're probably frantically following people on Twitter, preparing for your next job stunt. But just take a breather. It might be easier than you think.

After making the unfortunate decision to get a history degree, David Rowe found himself predictably jobless. Emboldened by a father-son debate, David strapped a sandwich board around his shoulders and advertised that he would work the first month free.

He was then interviewed by recruiting firm Parkhouse Bell and ended up landing his dream job, which I'm assuming was in recruiting. We're guessing the firm saw his photo on Facebook, but it hasn't been confirmed, so you know... there might just be room for something more old fashioned.

4. Send QR Code Cupcakes to Editorial Teams

If public infamy isn't your cup of tea, what about something more direct and personable?

Like cupcakes. Everybody loves cupcakes.

Blogger and fashionista Katie Oldham decided to take her summer internship into her own hands with the help of a local bakery. Katie researched the editorial teams at her favorite publishing companies and delivered special batches of cupcakes with her website's QR code to their London offices.

And it worked! She interned for Cosmopolitan, and her website is currently part of the Vice blogging network.

5. Home Brewed Beer Resumes

Nothing says work hard and party harder like a home-brewed batch of beer. What makes that beer even better? Resume covers of course.

Brennan Gleason takes a distinguished spot on our list as being the only to pull off a successful job hunt stunt outside of the UK. Then again, he did it in Canada, so potato-patata.

Brennan wanted to nab a sexy graphic design job, so what did he do? He designed custom resume covers for six-packs of beer he brewed himself.

Let's see...

  • Creativity… check.
  • Graphic design skills… check.
  • Free specialty beer for the office… CHECK!

Surprise, surprise — Brennan was hired.

6. Wacky Website Campaign Turns Bakery Manager Into VP

Many of you are under the false impression that working successfully at your company will translate into a promotion.

Not true!

That VP spot just went to this guy. Despite seven tries, his CV tells us he hasn't been able to hold down a job for even one calendar year. But guess what!? He acted super wacky on video and a lot of people laughed, so he's qualified to be your boss!

His name is Dan Conway, but you can call him "Yes, Sir." Dan launched a wacky website campaign consisting of him doing wacky things in order to find work and was eventually made a VP of marketing for a company I won't advertise.

Apparently, THIS is what British marketing employers look for in their executives.

7. Grad Lands Social Media Manager Position by PMing a Stranger

What's the quickest way to land an interview? Find the owner's profile and hit them up with a private message.

…Said no one ever. Unless you're David Cohen. David knew a guy who knew a guy, and he randomly messaged that guy, who then interviewed him with another guy, and now David's their top social media guy.

Sounds quaint. Perhaps you should try it. Just don't blame us if you get slapped with a restraining order.

Have you ever tried to land a job with an outlandish stunt? What did you do — and did you get the job?

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