7 Job Sectors Where Wages Are Growing


The economy's improving, but certain industries are experiencing a greater rebound than others. And the data can be confusing, because "job growth" in reports refers to the number of jobs, not higher wages. (See also: 9 Jobs You May Not Have Considered — But Should)

Here are seven job sectors exhibiting salary increases according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Home Health Care Services

As people live longer and are faced with the outrageous expense of inpatient services, many are opting for home treatment or outpatient clinics. Home health care services are far less expensive than inpatient services, people can recuperate and maintain their health in the comfort of their own homes, and it provides a greater sense of independence. As a result, home health care services are experiencing increased demand that is also driving up wages.

2. Individual and Family Services

Jobs in the individual and family services sector include services that improve the quality of people's lives, such as youth centers, foster care and adoption agencies, and after-school and mentoring programs. Elderly services include senior centers, adult daycare, and support groups. Drug and alcohol abuse treatment and prevention programs, parental support groups, and abuse intervention are also part of this industry. Jobs in these sectors include counselors, teachers, social workers, and case workers who need to increasingly take a holistic view of care and treatment.

3. Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services

With many companies still shy to add full-time headcount to their payroll, and a robust freelance industry, it's no wonder that consultants with valuable business, science, and technical expertise are choosing to stay independent. They know how valuable they are and are demanding larger fees for their services as a result.

4. Computer Systems Design and Related Services

The line between our online and physical worlds is rapidly blurring. Computer systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and consumers have come to expect a beautiful, seamless online experience. It takes a lot of talent to create that elegance and keep our data safe at the same time. With an increased number of recent data breaches, cyber security is an ever more important aspect of design. The higher quality of design demanded, the higher the designer's salary.

5. Cement and Concrete Product Manufacturing

Construction in the residential and commercial sectors is booming, and that means cement and concrete are in high demand. What's interesting about this industry is that it's experiencing a fair amount of innovation, as well. Climate change is increasing sensitivity to our environmental footprint, and in constructing smart buildings that are energy efficient. As concrete and cement are a major component of construction, this boom is a rising tide that lifts all boats (and wages) for its workers.

6. Office Administrative Services

Office workers today are expected to do much more than answer phones and keep a calendar. They often function as an office manager, ensuring that productivity remains high for an entire team — or company. They must have sophisticated computer and technology skills, as well as knowledge of areas as varied as finance, accounting, and communications. And with greater knowledge comes higher wages.

7. Offices of Health Practitioners

As healthcare gets more technical and sophisticated, the offices of health care practitioners must follow. This means that the people who run these offices must also enhance their skills and knowledge to best communicate with patients, insurance companies, health care providers, and drug and medical equipment companies. This enhanced expertise and knowledge is highly valued in the market.

If you're using the job market data when considering a career change, make sure to truly understand what data is being represented and what it means. Ideally, you want to match your interests to an industry with increasing wages and an increasing number of job opportunities. Happy hunting!

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