7 Kitchen Gadgets That Save You Money

When it comes to saving money on food, there's nothing more economical than making it at home. But there's more to that than just cooking your daily meals and bringing the leftovers for lunch. Here are seven kitchen gadgets that can save you big but you might not have thought of. (See also: Great Gifts for Home Cooks)

1. Sodastream

If you're drinking soda, and most of us are, you can save a bundle by making your own with a Sodastream. And just think of the soda cans and bottles you won't be sending to the landfills. Not only that, but you can experiment and make up your own recipes, including adding less sugar, making for a healthier treat.

2. Meat Grinder

Ground meat is a versatile and cost effective way to lower protein costs. But with E. coli outbreaks and other risks associated with store bought ground meat, a meat grinder can be the ideal solution. Pick up meat in bulk during sales and then grind it at home.

3. Vacuum Sealer

Storing excess food in the freezer is the best way to avoid waste and save money when bulk buying, but unless it's vacuum sealed, no container or bag is able to remove all the air that causes freezer burn and unpleasant flavors. Plus, a vacuum sealed item will keep in the freezer for much longer as well.

The vacuum sealer isn't just for keeping meats fresher in the freezer. It can be used for all sorts of things that go stale when the box is open. Use it for nuts, coffee beans, and spices. (See also: Flavorful Foods Worth Splurging On)

4. Herb Grower

If you have the space in your backyard or balcony, growing an herb garden will save you big when it comes to flavoring your favorite dishes. Most recipes ask for one or two twigs of thyme or a few sprigs of rosemary, and the rest goes to waste. If you don't have the space, this AeroGarden is great dirt-free indoor solution. (See also: Foods You Can Grow in Your Home)

5. Ice Cream Maker

All those trips to the ice cream shop add up to a pretty penny. Even if you buy them by the pints or gallons, they still add up. Get an Ice Cream Maker and do it yourself! It's not just the savings to consider, but all the delicious recipes you can try. And just like making your own soda, you can add less fat and sugar but still make it tasty. (See also: Make Ice Cream With the Lello Gelato Maker)

6. Coffee/Espresso Maker

Do you make runs to the coffee shop every day to get your caffeine fix? You can get the same quality coffee right at home. Pick up a coffeemaker, espresso maker, and if you're especially picky about your coffee, a coffee grinder. Save your money for something you can't make at home.

7. Blender

If instead of coffee, your daily habit includes picking up juice or a smoothie from a local shop, there's even more reason for you to make them at home instead. Get a blender so you can use high quality fruits and ingredients, not to mention have more of it — how much water (or orange juice) do those places use as fillers? Throw in some great-for-you ingredients like spinach or oatmeal (you won't taste it, really), and you've boosted your smoothie up a notch on the health scale.

What other gadgets are worth spending on to save money?

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Want to save money on food? Here are seven kitchen gadgets that can save you big but you might not have thought of. | #savingmoney #frugaltips #househacks

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I love all these gadgets, except number #1. It may be a way to lower costs but consumers should also know SodaStreams are manufactured in an Israeli settlement in occupied Palestinian territory that is illegal under international law. I looked into buying one but decided not to for this reason.

Guest's picture

Nancy: YES! Thanks for mentioning this. No need to support activity that is illegal under international law and also robbing natives of their land and resources.

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Dos anyone NOT own a blender? Pretty sure they just come wth the house.

Guest's picture

I use my handheld blender a lot more than my regular blender. If I could only keep one, I know which I'd choose.