7 Mobile Apps to Inspire Positive Thinking


What does it take to be a positive thinker? Join us on this journey to find the upbeat in the every day, as we share 2 of the 7 that we recommended in a recent My Life Scoop article!

Live Happy
Platform: iPhone
Cost: $0.99

The experts agree that being happy has more to do with “doing” than just “thinking.” Thanks to a new iPhone app developed by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside, there’s a way to seamlessly integrate happiness activities from the book The How of Happiness into your busy schedule (and most can be done on your iPhone.) Using personal preferences, the program prompts you to maintain a gratitude journal, set goals, engage in random acts of kindness, and several other tasks designed to provide long-term happiness and positive experiences. Think of this happy app as the “cliff's notes” to the self-improvement book you’ve always wanted to read – but may never get around to!

Sketchbook Mobile
Platform: iPhone and iTouch
Cost: $2.99

One of those apps you truly have to see to believe, this handy little “sketch pad” allows users to simply drag their fingers across their iPhone or iTouch screens to create breathtaking pieces of digital art. If the Flickr pool isn’t evidence enough of the amazing art therapy that can take place with this app, consider the technical aptitude of this tiny wonder: it has 2500% zoom, 3-6 layers, 25 preset brushes, and the ability to save and email your creations! Taking doodles to the next level, Sketchbook Mobile allows you to release your creative genius, document the beauty around you, or just mindlessly unwind when you need it.

Want to know about the other five that we inspire us to live happy?  See the full article at the My Life Scoop website!

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