$7 off of Crest Whitestrips


Whitening your teeth is not cheap. I've never had the dentist whiten my chompers, but I have used Crest Whitestrips, and they worked pretty darn well. They were also pretty darn expensive (around $30 or so).

Fortunately, Crest seems to feel bad about this, so they will send you all kinds of coupons if you sign up to receive their promotional email.

I did, and once every month or so, I get an email with a new coupon link. I don't use all of them, but they're pretty handy when I do. Anyway, here's one for $7 off of Crest Whitestrips. Happy whitening!

Photo by Andrew.

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i have a ultra violet machine may be expensive but saves for long ter repeat usage

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I've been drinking a lot of tea lately so this definitely comes in handy.  Thanks Andrea!

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yay! i love coupons
boo it takes 4-6 weeks

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It's kind of a pleasant surprise when it finally arrives. By then, you've forgotten you even asked for it. :)

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I haven't used the dentist either - too expensive. But I have gotten an at home tray kit that uses the same gel. It lasts longer than the Crest strips and costs about ths same - although I haven't seen a coupon for it. I think its worth it - check it out. http://www.vitabase.com/supplements/teeth-whitening/prowhite.aspx

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I feel so ugly, and my teeth are quite yellow.
Sometimes I want to be a cook kind fellow.
I am poor and have nothing to offer,
so if you are pulled over say, "It wasnt me officer".

I have yellow teeth and I have a broken tooth,
but if you give me some alcohol than I will become loose
Im a yellow toothed loser, that is what im sure
but if if you have 5 pennies, than i am your boor

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i cant keep them on my teeth they fall off and once i close my mouth they fall off what am i doing rong?

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