7 Reasons to Get Spring Cleaning Done During Winter


Spring cleaning — it's a timeless tradition that makes perfect sense … until you think about it for a minute or two. Why does everyone wait until spring to start that deep clean? Wouldn't winter be a more ideal time to tend to all things indoors? Let's turn this unquestioned custom upside down. Here are seven reasons to get spring cleaning done during the dark and dreary months of winter.

1. Baby, it's cold outside

With fewer reasons to be outside, winter gives us more time to focus on the inside of our homes. This is the season for nesting, and cleaning is an essential part of making our nests as comfortable as possible. (See also: 7 Ways to Prepare for Spring Cleaning)

2. You're organizing new stuff anyway

If you're like most Americans, you probably have loads of new trinkets and gadgets coming into your homes during the holidays. As long as you're organizing your haul, why not clean out your closets, rearrange the attic, and clear out the garage to make room for your new toys?

3. It's the giving season

Organizing, decluttering, and donating — they all work together in perfect harmony. Wintertime is the time to give away cold-weather gear your kids have outgrown, clothes you don't wear, and household items that could brighten the lives of those in need. (See also: 12 Ways a Deep Declutter Can Improve Your Life)

4. And the season of getting sick

Stuffy noses, sore throats, and sneezing — they're all part of the magic of the chilly season. But a thorough winter clean can help you keep the nastiest germs and viruses at bay. If your family is already under the weather, a deep clean can prevent a second round of sickness.

5. Everyone's home

With everyone home for the holiday break and the following snow days, it's much easier to declutter. Get the whole family involved; decide together which items can go and which should stay. Then, assign each person a simple cleaning chore and make short work of long to-do lists.

6. It's the right way to ring in the new year

New Year's is all about fresh starts. Clear your mind by clearing out the accumulation of years past. A spotless, clutter-free, and organized home is the perfect place to discover what's next for you and your family. (See also: 31 Things to Do in January to Start the New Year Off Right)

7. It'll be on your mind until you get it done

Spring is still a few months away. However, you know you'll have to buckle down and get this time-consuming deep clean done eventually, so why not cross it off your list now? Completing necessary tasks early will make you feel accomplished, stress-free, and will keep you motivated to keep checking those boxes and chasing your New Year's goals.

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