7 Things the Craziest Christmas Fanatics Do

For many of us, Christmas is a time of joy, laughter, and making merry. It's Christmas decorations, festive foods, cards, presents, and family time. But some people just want more. They cannot get enough of the season of giving, and go out of their way to go way above and beyond. Here are 10 things only the craziest Christmas fanatics do.

1. Keeping the Christmas Decorations Up All Year

This one is baffling. What makes Christmas special if it's the same year round? That's the question I asked, but was blown away by how many people actually do this. Do a quick Google search for it, and you'll see hundreds of stories from around the world. This one, about Mary and Richard Morgan, is typical. They love Christmas so much, they have snowmen and twinkling lights adorning the house every single day. From the coldest winter to the hottest summer, it's always Christmas at the Morgans. "The way I look at it, with me and my emphysema and all, I never know when I'm going to take my last breath," says Mary. "I'm going to enjoy what I want to enjoy."

2. Lights That Outshine the Griswold Display

How many lights are enough to show you're a fan of Christmas? A few hundred? Nah. A few thousand? You're getting there. But if you really want to show your fanaticism, you're going to have to up the ante… a lot. The world record holder for the most Christmas lights on a residential display goes to the Gay family of Dutchess County. What started out at 600 lights in 1995 has turned into over 600,000. Fortunately, 200,000 of those lights were donated by RITZ Crackers (a smart marketing move), but that still leaves a lot of lights, and money, that came straight from Tim Gay and his Christmas crazy family. The electricity bill? That's a treat for the New Year!

3. Creating Insanely Elaborate Christmas Greetings

Some people like to send cards adorned with professional photographs of the family. Others, they like to take things to the next level. Take the Slade family of Arizona. The family's annual greetings are like professional music videos. From filming underwater, to a room that spins 360 degrees, they are worthy of their viral notoriety. And as Micah Slade says, "we really enjoy just doing this as a family, and at the heart of it all, that's why we're doing it." Bravo. But some people go even further, sending Christmas cards made from iPhones. Yes… iPhones.

4. Getting the Kids "Whatever They Want"

A blank slate (or blank check) is the last thing any reasonable parent would give their kids for Christmas. But some people believe that Christmas comes only once a year, and it's a day to do something very special… even if it means emptying the bank account. Lyz Lenz tells ABC news that "walking down the toy aisle is really hard because she wants everything," and continues, "I don't think a princess castle will ruin her." Well, that's some gift for a 2-year old.

5. Teaching Their Animals to Sing Christmas Songs

Parents out there will know it's hard enough to teach the kids a song. But some people take it up a notch or ten, and teach their pets a few holiday songs. Jingle Bells seems to be the most popular, as you can see with these howling successes here and here.

6. Eating a 21 Pound, 6000 Calorie Christmas Dinner

When you're young, Christmas is all about the presents. When you become an adult, it's about watching the kids open them before tucking into an awesomely indulgent Christmas dinner. But you have to really love Christmas to eat the dinner served up in Worcestershire's The Duck Inn. Christmas fans come to the pub to take on a festive challenge that would floor an elephant. A whole turkey, plus 175 trimmings, is put before you. You have just 45 minutes to polish it off; that's about half a pound of food every single minute. Could you do it? Are you that nuts about Christmas?

7. Dressing as Santa… and Climbing Down the Chimney

We've saved the worst until last; worst primarily because it's a completely awful idea, and a very easy way to get into big trouble. Although Snopes.com says that stories of Santas dying in the chimney are unconfirmed, it does say there are verified stories about people dressing as Santa and getting stuck. Fire, ambulance, and police services are called, and it can lead to nasty injuries and major embarrassment. However much you love the season, don't risk your life by climbing on a slippery roof or down the chimney. These days, it's a good idea for Santa to use the front door.

Have a safe and festive Christmas everyone!

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