7 Ways to Make Money Off of Your New Year's Resolutions

You'll probably set several New Year's resolutions this year, but "Make More Moneeeeeeey!" should be at the top of that list. How can you do that? By hitting the ground running on January 1 with these cash-earning opportunities that sometimes kill two birds with one stone. Here's to a happier, healthier, flusher-with-cash you in 2018.

1. Get in shape by walking dogs

Combine your love of adorable dogs with your desire to get healthier by joining Rover or Wag!, two sites that will help you set up a dog-walking side gig. Rover is the nation's largest network of dog sitters and walkers, and it'll help connect you with those looking for occasional care of their pets. I'm a member of Rover myself, and I've made several thousand dollars this year pet-sitting and playing with local pups. It's the perfect side-hustle for people who want to get more exercise, get outside more, and save some extra money after the expensive holiday season. (See also: How to Make $400+ a Week as a Pet Sitter)

2. Help name startup businesses

There are several online services (like Upwork and Truelancer) that can help you advance your creative freelance career, but Squadhelp.com gamifies the brainstorming experience with a decent payoff.

"If your NYE resolution is about finding a more productive use of your time, you might want to consider Squadhelp.com," says the site's founder Darpan Munjal. "You can spend couple of hours every day helping startups find great names for their businesses. You not only channel your creativity in helping real companies find great names, you also win cash prizes (ranging from $100 to $500) every time your name is selected."

3. Declutter by selling your unwanted stuff

If your goal in the New Year is to cut the clutter and free up more usable space in your house, there are several options to do just that while pocketing some dough. I've had a lot of success listing my in-good-condition junk on the Letgo app, but I also have friends who swear by Facebook Marketplace, both of which help you promote your secondhand wares to local buyers. (See also: 9 Ways to Make Money From Holiday Gifts You Don't Want)

To maximize your selling efforts, heed this advice from Letgo's head of communications, Jonathan Lowe:

Take clear, quality photos

Taking a few seconds to dust your coffee table or iron a pair of pants will make them much more attractive to buyers. Choose an angle and spot with good lighting and an uncluttered background. Put smaller items like headphones or jewelry on a solid color surface and take a photo from 45 to 90 degree angles. Make sure the item's in focus, and post a few shots from different angles.

Be transparent

Tell buyers upfront and include photos of any wear and tear on your item. Most buyers won't be concerned with a small scratch or frayed hem, especially if the price is right, but no one wants to feel like they've been misled.

Do your homework

Check out what other sellers are asking for similar items and price your items competitively.

Reply quickly

Turn on push notifications so you can reply as soon as buyers message you. Be courteous and answer any questions they might have.

Offer a package deal

Things like video games, vinyl records, art supplies, toys, and even jewelry often attract more interest as a set. (See also: Make Money and Declutter by Selling These 5 Unlikely Treasures)

4. Self-publish your book

I'm currently writing a book about how to be a successful Airbnb host, and I haven't considered reaching out to a major publisher because self-publishing seems more attractive to me. Here's why: Self-publishing gets your book in the hands of readers quickly. In fact, you may want to pursue this avenue as a way to extend your audience for a book you've already published. Self-publishing can award you with about 70 percent royalty (depending on the price you charge readers for your book), which could provide you with passive income for years to come. Something to investigate at least. (See also: 3 Real Costs of Self-Publishing a Kids' Book)

5. Use technology to fine-tune your personal finance

I've sung the praises of my well-used cash-back apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 over the past few years (I've made several hundred dollars using them), but there are other ways keep your personal finance in check while earning money or rewards, like The Birch Finance app, which makes it easy to analyze your past transactions and actively monitor spending to recommend the best cards to use for max rewards.

I'm also into Paribus right now, which links to your accounts at retailers like Target and Amazon and helps you find money based on price drops on your recent purchases. It'll send you an email when there's money waiting for you so you can claim it. Easy-breezy. (See also: 7 Apps That Actually Pay You to Shop)

6. Achieve goals with monetary encouragement

I feel a little weird about Goal Goodies — which is like a GoFundMe campaign for your health goals — but it could be a helpful way to keep your resolutions on track while making money. Essentially, you create your page and set your health goal (losing weight, quitting smoking, etc.) and then invite family and friends to pledge money to help keep you motivated. (See also: 6 Apps That Pay You to Work Out)

7. Clean out your garage and rent out the space

You know all about Airbnb by now, but if you're not comfortable renting out your home to strangers, maybe you'll consider renting out your garage to strangers' vehicles. After you clean it out and make it all pretty, STOW IT will help connect you with users who need a place to store their vehicles for a monthly fee. Imagine getting paid to let a car sit in a space that was designed for cars and not all those piled-up cardboard boxes! I think it's an awesome idea, and I'm little miffed that I don't have a garage to offer myself. I'll just live vicariously through yours.

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7 Ways to Make Money Off of Your New Year's Resolutions

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