7 Ways to Sweat Less This Summer


Our bodies protect us from overheating by sweating. But sweating a lot is not always convenient or pleasant. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to keep drier this summer. (See also: 10 Clever Ways to Keep Cool When It's Stupid Hot Out)

1. Use deodorant at night

Consider clinical-strength deodorant or long-lasting deodorant for extra power. Doctors recommend applying deodorant before you go to bed. It won’t wash off as easily as if you apply it in the morning, when you generally sweat more. It also has time to block the sweat ducts.

For those who want a natural deodorant that doesn't clog sweat ducts, look for aluminum-free deodorants. Keep in mind that these might not work as well as clinical-strength or regular versions.

To keep fresh throughout the day, hide a travel-sized deodorant in your car, desk, or purse, which you can reapply before a stressful meeting or social event. Use aerosol antiperspirant for your feet.

2. Keep a personal fan

Get a personal fan or USB-powered fan that you can use anytime to cool down. These can attach to your computer or smart device and provide a satisfying breeze. For those extra hot days, a misting fan provides a powerful cool down.

3. Sleep on a cool pillow

For bedtime, get a cool gel pillow, which stays cool all night and can reduce your body temperature. Also, consider trying the Egyptian Method, which involves using a damp towel as a blanket and wearing damp socks.

4. Spray a refreshing mist

A refreshing mist with vitamins and essential oils will make your skin feel and smell good when you’re hot on-the-go.

5. Avoid hot foods

Spicy foods and hot drinks will raise your blood pressure and metabolism and activate your sweat glands, making you feel hotter and sweat more. Foods high in sodium can also cause you to sweat more. Go for less zesty dishes and add ice cubes to your cup of joe.

6. Wear loosefitting clothing

Good circulation is the key to cooling your body down without sweating. Loosefitting clothing is also more comfortable in the heat.

7. Choose breathable fabrics

Wear breathable, lightweight cotton, or moisture wicking material. Rayon, silk, polyester, and nylon are all fabrics to avoid if you tend to sweat a lot. Choose lightweight cotton bed linens as well, which will feel cooler on the skin.

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