8 Closet Bedrooms That Are Surprisingly Spacious


Whether you're looking for more guest accommodations in your home or have recently added a new addition to the family, extra bedrooms can be hard to find. And when you live in a studio apartment, any added inches you can carve out for general living are absolutely golden.

But you're in luck, because I've scoured the web to find the coolest DIY closet bedrooms to open up your cramped lifestyle.

1. Walk-In Retreat

This 420 square foot apartment got a major upgrade when its renter converted her walk-in closet to a bedroom. The sleep space is practical but luxurious, fitting a double bed with ease. The double doors to the "room" create a sense of openness but can still be closed to hide clutter in a pinch.

2. Studio Cove

This studio in San Francisco has a secret. Much like with the space above, this walk-in closet can easily accommodate a double bed. To give it even more separation from the living areas, I'd recommend using a tension rod with some curtains that could be opened or closed whenever company is over.

3. Captain's Bed

Not only is this closet bedroom cute, but it's also packing some great storage to boot. If you have the headroom, try elevating your bed onto an IKEA LACK shelf, which costs around $130. It gives the appearance of a built-in bed all while giving you room to stow books, clothes, and other items.

4. Kid Cave

Not all apartments are blessed with huge closets, however. I first discovered micro bedrooms when I stumbled upon Huck's spirited kid cave on Pinterest. Though the family has since moved to a larger apartment in Brooklyn, in Manhattan he slept on a simple floor mattress with some shelves and hooks to hold all his adorable stuff.

5. Neat Nursery

For babies, closets can provide ample space for sleeping. Check out this room for two cribs (yes, two!). The existing shelving and bars in the area gives the parents lots of options for hanging clothes, storing diapers, and stashing other baby supplies. I like the addition of the dresser that can double as a changing station.

6. Single Crib

Of course, you don't need a gigantic closet to fit a singleton. And if you have a bedroom that's just a bit too small to be called a proper nursery, try removing the closet doors and placing the crib in the negative space. The rest of the room can fit way more stuff with the crib out of the way, and the baby may even sleep a bit better surrounded by all the coziness.

7. Bunk Bed

Whether for overnight guests or squeezing siblings together, these bunk beds are where it's at. They fit perfectly into the upstairs closet of this Tennessee home — complete with a ladder for climbing and even some shelf storage. The folding doors hide this spot away during the day, and I could see French doors working just as well with a bit more style.

8. Closet Loft

Even if your child has a bed and plenty of room to grow, converting the closet can be a smooth move. This playful closet loft provides a soft reading area and storage for clothing and other items. It'd be the perfect place for friends to sleep over for years to come. Oh, and did I mention it only cost $75 from start to finish?

Would you ever sleep in a closet bedroom? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this unique use of space in the comments!

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Amazing tips for family who are in studio apartments, though you have a small place you try to maximize your space. Wow!