8 DIYs For a Sparkling Clean Bathroom

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Transform your bathroom into the best room in the house with DIYs that save you money and keep things nice and clean. And all of these cleaners are so easy to put together, which makes having them on hand a big plus. Here are a few of our favorites:

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Toilet Bomb Fizzies

Make these toilet bomb fizzies to flush away the bad smells — it works much better than lighting a match.

Counter Wipes

Not only do these counter wipes do a great job of quickly cleaning your space, they look pretty nice, too. Don't have a coffee can hanging around? Use a 64-ounce yogurt tub instead.

Tub, Tile, and Grout Help

Stash a container of this easy and eco-friendly tub, tile, and grout scrub under your bathroom sink to keep your bath sparkling.

Commode Cleaner

Keep things spotless with the help of this DIY toilet bowl cleaner that helps you scrub away stains and unwanted smells.

Bye-Bye, Hard Water Stains

If you've got glass shower doors, this DIY does an amazing job of busting through hard water stains.

Happy Drains

Keep your drains flowing with the help of this all-natural drain cleaner.

Toilet Roll Trick

You'll wonder why you didn't think of this smart idea earlier.

Air Freshener

Sometimes you need a little extra help making things smell better in the bathroom, which makes tucking a bottle of this eco-friendly air freshener in your medicine cabinet a smart idea.

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8 DIYs For a Sparkling Clean Bathroom

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