8 Frugal and Refreshing Popsicles to Make This Summer

You don't need fancy plastic molds to make delicious popsicles — they can be made a variety of ways with a variety of tools. You can buy plastic equipment to make them on a regular basis, or just use popsicle sticks, Dixie cups (or any paper cups), and saran wrap. Keep in mind that popsicles take about four hours to set, so plan ahead if you want to use them for parties.

To make your own popsicles, you can use juice, fresh fruit, pudding, yogurt, cream, and even alcohol. We've found some of the most delicious popsicles the Internet has to offer. Some are healthy and some, not so much, but all of them are absolutely divine.

1. Watermelon Pineapple

Watermelon mixed with pineapples makes for the quintessential summertime treat. This easy popsicle recipe only requires those two simple ingredients. Blend the watermelon until it becomes liquid, pour into your mold, add the pineapple, and freeze!

2. Orange Pink Lemonade

Shake up your lemonade stand with this delicious summertime treat. The recipe requires an "orange drink," like Kool Aid or orange juice, and pink lemonade. Pour the orange drink into your mold about a third of the way full, let it set for 30 minutes, and then add the popsicle stick. Let it freeze completely. Add in the pink lemonade, let it set for 30 minutes, and then add the orange drink to mix. Let it freeze completely and add just pink lemonade at the end to freeze. While this is a multistep process, it adds a little more transition time to the popsicle and gives it yummy layers!

3. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee popsicles are the perfect ones for me. Brew some strong coffee, grab some heavy cream and sugar (to taste), and you'll be on your way. Follow this iced coffee recipe from The View From Great Island and create some tasty goodies for a midday pick-me-up or brunch.

4. Red, White, and Blue

To recreate those red, white, and blue popsicles you grew up with, you'll need a little more patience, but not too many ingredients. Use strawberries, blueberries, cream cheese, lemon juice, sugar, and corn syrup to create a (somewhat) healthier take on the popsicles of your childhood.

5. Horchata

Horchata is my go-to drink at any Latin restaurant. Refreshing and a little spicy, it also makes a great popsicle. Take four ingredients: rice milk, cinnamon, heavy cream, and sugar, combine and freeze. You can substitute the rice milk with almond milk, if you prefer.

6. Creamy Lime

This two-ingredient recipe only takes one cup of limeade and 4 oz. of whipped topping. Whisk the two ingredients together and freeze. It's simple and adds the right amount of sweet and sour to your day.

7. Banana and Nutella

I couldn't resist this one! It's so easy and anything Nutella is delicious. Take six overripe bananas and puree. Add half a cup of Nutella and blend. Pour into popsicle molds and add sticks (if using paper cups). Freeze and enjoy.

8. Jello Pudding Pops

Seriously, these creamy chocolate pudding pops sound good, even if they aren't the healthiest. Grab a box of pudding, milk, and Cool Whip, and make these quick and easy popsicles everyone will love. Make the pudding and stir in Cool Whip, spoon into molds or paper cups, add a popsicle stick or spoon, and freeze.

What are your go-to homemade popsicle recipes? Share with us!

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To make your own popsicles, you can use juice, fresh fruit, pudding, yogurt, cream, and even alcohol. Check out these frugal, budget friendly, delicious popsicles! | #popsicles #thriftyfood #iceblocks

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