8 Morning Mantras That’ll Help Keep Your Finances on Track

Mantras are one piece of a traditional meditation practice, and they're an important piece. Using mantras seems to make your physical nervous system function better. They are also part of the alternative therapies offered to patients with chronic high blood pressure, to help them achieve optimum health.

Mantras make our bodies function better because of the effect they have on our minds. And if they are changing how our minds work for the better, why not use them to our advantage when it comes to our finances, too?

Don't worry! I'm not asking you to stand in front of your mirror chanting "Ommmm," every morning. But here are some phrases you can repeat to yourself when you wake up — and all day long! — to help you manage your money better. Pick one of these, find a quiet place, and repeat the mantra to yourself for a minute or two. Then let me know if your financial life changes.

1. "I don't need things to make me happy. I choose my own happiness."

Happiness is something we choose, regardless of our circumstances. Often, we think that buying something new will make us happy. After the purchase, though, we find ourselves still unhappy, and now we have the worry of an added expense on top of it. If this is a problem you face, give this mantra a try.

2. "I will [insert goal here]."

Are you saving for something specific? Repeat that goal to yourself as a mantra. If you like to travel, this could be the name of a destination, but it could also be something like "my own home," or "that Coach purse." You will find yourself more motivated to save for something when you think of it throughout the day. (See also: 10 Money Goals All 30-Somethings Should Have)

3. "I have enough. I am enough."

Most of us spend a lot of money on things that we want. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but when we're using those things to make ourselves feel better about life, it can help to remember that what we own adds nothing to our inherent, human value. We are valuable because of who and what we are, not because of the tangible things we possess.

4. "I am blessed."

No matter how bad things get, there is always something good. It can be as simple as the sun outside, a job that pays the bills (even if you don't like it), a healthy child, or the fact that spring is here. This mantra will help you remember that you don't have to spend more money to have good things.

5. "I can make my own."

Whether you feel like you're spending too much money on coffee, lunch, snacks, or something else you can whip up in your own kitchen, this mantra can empower you to do the work at home so you don't have to spend the money when you're out. It's easy to feel like we are at the mercy of people who want our money in exchange for simple things like food and drink, but remembering that we have the power to make our own can change that and help us save.

6. "I am on my own good path."

It's easy to compare ourselves to others, feel like we aren't where we "should" be, and comfort ourselves by spending money. This mantra helps each of us remember that we do not have to walk anyone else's path, and that the one we're already on is, most likely, leading us somewhere good.

7. "I am strong."

In a world where we manage and are managed, it's easy to lose track of our own personal power. When this happens, we often lose the willpower that helps us resist purchasing things that we don't need or put money into savings rather than just spending it. This mantra, though, can help us remember that we are powerful, that we can choose where our money goes, even when we don't necessarily feel that way throughout the day.

8. "A nicer [item] doesn't change who I am."

When we feel small, poor, weary, depressed, anxious, and generally anything negative, we can begin to think that a new, nice something will change things. These tend to be big purchases, like a new car or a new house. This mantra reminds us that no item changes us, and can point us toward doing the internal work necessary to make a real change, rather than just spending money to change things on the outside.

Have you ever used mantras to help your life improve? How did that work for you? Share with us!

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8 Morning Mantras That’ll Help Keep Your Finances on Track

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