8 of our Favorite Fitness and Diet Smart Phone Apps


Those of us with smart phones are fairly certain we can’t live without them.  In fact, chances are good that if you use them right – they can actually help you live longer!  See what we think of these 8 popular mobile applications designed to help you shape up and slim down.


When it comes to healthy apps, there are usually four main areas of functionality that most users are looking for:  calorie counting or food log, activity or exercise accountability, recipes and meal inspiration, and instructional material.  Here’s a sneak peek of two free apps that have the potential to address several areas at once:


Lose It! -  Perhaps one of the most simple and easy-to-to maintain applications, Lose It! is a basic calorie counter, fitness tracker, and food diary with few bells and whistles.


SparkPeople Food and Fitness Tracker -  This corresponding free diet and food tracker gives you just a little more of that group goal-setting while in the car or at work, and it seamlessly syncs with a user’s online SparkPeople account.


Check out our Lifescoop article to get the full scoop on all our favorite apps!

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Makes me wish I had an iphone. I have a blackberry storm- great phone, but definitely not as cool as the iphone.... someday verizon will get rights to sell use it. Guess I'll have to wait. bummer.

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