8 Personal Finance Moves You Can Make While Jogging

Exercise is important, right? It makes us happier, healthier, and (if you're anything like me) takes everyday stress down to a manageable level. But it can also take quite a bit of time. (See also: 10 Financial Moves You Can Make During Your Commute)

Wouldn't it be better if you could multitask — if you could get other things done while you were out running? When it comes to personal finance, you absolutely can. Here are my top favorite things to improve my finances while I'm out on a run.

1. Check Your Balances

Every run has those annoying interruptions in their exercise. You know, traffic lights, people in your way, or maybe you just got tired and need to walk. Make sure you have your bank and credit card apps downloaded, and you can check your balances on the fly. While accessing each account can feel like an annoying drag most of the time, it's fast enough that you can easily look at one account per stop light. By the end of the run, you'll have a big-picture view of your financial situation.

2. Pay Your Credit Card Bill

As soon as I head out the door with my running shoes on, it happens: I remember things that I need to do. So many times, I realize that I need to pay a bill. Fortunately, I've had my credit cards so long that I've got all my payment information saved in my credit card apps, so it only takes a few clicks to get that bill paid. It's such a relief to get that done, and I don't have the burden of remembering it for later.

3. Clip Electronic Coupons

I love to save money, but it takes so long to clip coupons. In the last few weeks, I've started using apps instead, and they save a ton of time — in fact, you could easily find some coupons while waiting for the light to change. The right apps for you will depend on where you want to shop and what you want to buy, but it's almost always easy to navigate to the app, find coupons for items you want or need, and activate those to your account. Not sure where to start? Try RetailMeNot, The Coupons App, or Cartwheel for Target.

4. Budget On the Fly

Do you need to check your budget or major expenses? Most finance apps have some sort of budgeting tool, so you can easily make the changes you need while you're literally (and figuratively) on the run. If you're not sure where to start, Mint makes a great app that has some budgeting capability. Otherwise, check your bank and credit card apps for this feature or, if you're really serious, lay down the cash and get You Need a Budget.

5. Get Tax Advice

Worrying about taxes? Instead of letting the anxiety build, search for answers or ask a question via your tax app. There are versions of both the TurboTax and H&R Block apps that allow you to get tax help via email (but be sure you have the app for the right year!). You can type in a quick question while you're running and maybe you'll have your answer by the time you get home.

6. Ponder Your Money Mindset

Your money mindset encompasses many things, such as what money means to you, how you like to be able to spend your money, and whether finances are a comfortable or uncomfortable topic for you. These are big questions, and you can ponder them while you run. Break it down by looking at a list of money mindset questions before you go out, then use your workout time to pinpoint how you think about money, what you like about that mindset, and what you'd like to change.

7. Organize Your Expense Report

Expense reports can be a huge pain, especially if you need to be reimbursed for a lot of things. An app like Expensify can make the whole process easier, though. Once you've got your transactions in their system, you can categorize them or make the necessary notes during pauses in your run. By the time you get home, your report will be ready to print out and turn in.

8. Find the Best Deal

There are a lot of ways to find the best deal using your smartphone, but Path Talk is one of my new favorites. It lets you text local businesses with requests for all sorts of information, like what time they open, how long their lines are, and their current prices on specific items. The amazing thing is, it usually works. Most of the time, you have a response within just a few minutes! So head out for your run with your Christmas list in tow, send a few messages while you're exercising, and determine the best deal when you get home.

Exercise doesn't have to interfere with getting things done, at least when it comes to your finances. These quick, streamlined methods allow you to get your workout and be financially responsible, too!

Do you get things done while you jog? What's your favorite quick-and-dirty personal finance move?

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8 Personal Finance Moves You Can Make While Jogging

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