8 Simple Ways to Clear Your Mind

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There are days where you can't seem to free your mind from all your woes. Figuring out how to unravel a busy mind can create an even bigger challenge. The brain is an amazing thing, and sometimes simply tricking it into thinking it is serene and clear is the only way to unwind and recharge. During high-stress moments or while accomplishing basic tasks, here are a few tricks and tips for clearing your mind, paving the way for a great day full of smart decisions.

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1. Write It Out


When you're flustered, spend a few minutes free-writing about your problems, which may help release them from your mind. Putting your concerns to paper helps your brain work through your problems, clearing thoughts and allowing you to move on. And once you're done writing, close the journal, keeping your thoughts tucked away in the pages, and not in your brain.

2. Get Some Fresh Air

A simple change of scenery helps clear the mind and refresh the brain. Go for a long walk or sit outside and take a few deep breaths. Breathing slowly and mindfully activates the brain to release neurohormones that inhibit stress-producing hormones and trigger a relaxation response in the body.

3. Get Distracted

When your brain's in overdrive, give it something different to think about. Play a game, read a book, or watch a movie. While you are taking a vacation from your pressing thoughts, you brain just might come up with some fresh ideas, giving you a new perspective on your problems.

4. Clean Your House

When you can't turn off your brain, put your body to work and clean your house. While you're scrubbing the tub, imagine cleaning out your brain, removing each thought that's bothering you one at a time. By the time your house is sparkling clean, your brain will be wonderfully clear too.

5. Smell the Flowers

That's right — take a break and smell the flowers. Stop being so hard on yourself, and snap out of it. Sometimes simply telling yourself that you've had enough stress and anxious thoughts tricks the brain into turning off. Stay positive, give yourself a quick pep talk, and before you know it, your brain will be clear.

6. Think About It

Meditate on what's bothering you, imagining working out your problems step by step. Project yourself into the future, to a moment where you are happy and calm, and then work backward, figuring out what happens along the path to serenity.

7. Don't Worry About Time

When a busy brain is keeping you up all night, don't worry about time. Unplug the clock, set an alarm somewhere else in your house, safeguard so you won't be late for work, and relax. This way, losing sleep doesn't top the list of things making your brain busy.

8. Share Away

Clear the air by talking it out with a good friend. Call someone who's willing to lend a good listening ear, and share every thought that's bugging you. Along with sharing, chatting with a friend may offer new ideas for solving problems. Don't forget to return the favor in the near future to your attentive confidant.

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8 Simple Ways to Clear Your Mind



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Cleaning the house is a great way to clear your mind. Another thing I always like to do is bike over to my local florist and buy myself some flowers, they help to brighten your home and their fragrance is very soothing. Creation is another great distraction, baking, cooking, painting, crafting. Anything that you can make and track your progress in a short amount of time will give you a sense of accomplishment and productivity.