8 Ways to Reuse a Comforter Bag


If you recently bought a new comforter for your bed or have the plastic casing bed-wear usually comes in, don’t throw it out. Comforter bags are great because they typically have zipper access and are made of durable plastic. Some even come with convenient handles. Here are eight ways to get the most out of a recycled comforter bag. (See also: Waste Not, Want Not: Turning Waste Into Savings)

1. Donation Bag

I have placed an old comforter bag in each of my kids' rooms. Whenever they put on clothing and find it no longer fits comfortably, the kids know to refold the item and put it in the storage bag. This is a great, proactive way for us to avoid having to sort through all of their clothing drawers and closets every few months. When the bag is filled, we zip it up and give it to a family friend for future use. The clear bag makes it easy for them to see the variety of items so they can pull out what they need without a hassle. Thrift stores also appreciate the see-through bag when accepting donations.

2. Winter-Wear Storage

Snowsuits, boots, gloves, hats, and scarves can be stored in the plastic zippered bag, so they are easily located for next winter. Let kids decorate their own bags as an afternoon craft activity. Foam stickers can brighten up a plain plastic bag and give the kids something to do while you spring clean. The plastic bags will also keep dust and moths from attacking your winter gear.

3. Extra Sheet Storage

If you lack closet space and have no room for linens, employ a comforter bag as a storage center for extra sheets and pillow cases. You can fit a lot of sheet sets in one bag, and you’ll protect the sheets from dirt until you need to use them again. As an added benefit, toss in a used fabric softener sheet so you will always have nice, clean, fresh-smelling sheets ready for use.

4. Portable Toy Bag

Kids tend to have a lot of toys that live everywhere but the toy box. You can utilize the giant zippered bags to keep toys organized. The bag allows kids to transport their trucks, dolls, and stuffed animals wherever they want to play. The portable toy bag is also a great way to travel with toys. Kids can easily see what’s in the bag and perhaps resist the urge to dig everything out of the bag and spread it all over the back of your minivan.

5. Gardening Tool Storage

Gardening tools can rust if left out in the elements, but you can use a comforter bag for storage and protection from the rain and other seasonal elements. The bag also makes it easier for you to lug everything around the garden, and it can be quickly rinsed out with the hose when it gets too dirty.

6. Cleaning Catchall

Again, due to the ability to see through the clear plastic, a comfortable bag is useful as a catchall in your living space. Clutter that traditionally lies around your house can be tossed in the bag until it can be sorted later. Your family members can easily see what’s inside when they are looking for something specific and can grab their own items when it’s time to put things back in their rightful places.

7. Luggage

While it is hardly a fashion statement, the large plastic zippered bag can work well as last-minute luggage for your next road trip. Your family is likely to forget a lot of stuff on the way out the door, so you can utilize the bag as a last-minute catchall for travel. On the return trip, be sure to pack your dirty laundry in the bag so you can put it in the laundry room as soon as you get back and not have to sort through suitcases trying to figure out what is clean and what isn’t.

8. Shoe Storage

If shoes tend to clutter your home or your closet, consider using the bag as a shoe storage place. You can throw in your flip flops, sneakers, and other casual shoes to make room for the pricier dress shoes that need more tender loving care. The bag makes it easy to collect your shoes in one place if you are short on room.

There are probably tons more ideas you can think up for recycling household items that would otherwise go in the trash bin. While you may only buy a new comforter from time to time, you can start asking friends and family to save theirs for you and gather a whole collection of free bags for your storage needs.

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8 things to do with an old brown paper bag:

1. Recycle it
2. Blow it up with air and pop it.
3. Put tomorrows lunch in it
4. Put rubber bands in it.
5. Paint it like a flag.
6. Make popcorn in it.
7. Turn it inside out.
8. Make a hand puppet out of it.

Do we really need a list of things to with old bags?

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I use one for winter clothes storage, I also have one that held a crib mattress and it fits under the bed really well. I keep my pregnancy clothes in it because I plan on using them again. This is a great list!

Tisha Tolar's picture

Thanks Monica! Great idea!

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I once made a seed catcher for my parakeet's cage out of a comforter bag.

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Great list! I discovered after the holidays that they make perfect storage bags for wreaths and garland. The bags keep them dust-free, but they're clear so you can easily see what's in them.

Tisha Tolar's picture

I wish I had thought of the Christmas decorations idea in time for the article You are right about a great fit for larger decorations! thanks!

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I recycled my comforter bag as a mini green house to start my vegatable seeds. I plant in trays and then just slide in,spray with warm water and zip. Works great holding moisture in. I can re-use them for years. If the zipper is broken then I roll the edge and clip with clothes pins

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