8 Ways to Save Money on Entertainment


Sure, times are tough, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. Here are eight ideas that will allow you to enjoy some entertainment and save money, too. (See also: 47 Cheap, Fun Things to Do This Weekend)

1. Discount days, or even free admission days, are a great way to save money on entertainment at zoos, galleries, museums, and even some theaters. Check your local venues for specials.

2. Are you a theater, concert, or sports lover, but can't afford the steep ticket prices? Consider a part-time job or volunteer position at the event. You may find yourself doing some menial work, but you'll also probably have the opportunity to catch most of the event -- and get paid for it!

3. Our neighborhood Ultrastar theater has "Cheapskate Tuesday." Most theaters also offer discounts for seniors and kids, but everyone can save money on certain days and certain times, usually in the afternoon on a weekday. If you go with a group of friends or co-workers, you can usually get a group discount, too.

4. Speaking of movies, do you know if you have a Netflix subscription you can watch thousands of movies and TV episodes free on your computer, Blu-Ray DVD player, Wii, PS3, XBox, or the new Apple TV? Yup, they have a huge collection of movies that they stream over the Internet. You can watch anytime you want for no additional charge while you wait for the next Netflix DVD to come in the mail.

5. You'll find movies at your local library, too, as well as music CDs, video games, and, by the way, books — all for free. They also offer lectures, music, and other library-sponsored events that are all free, too. While yore there, the Friends of the Library bookstore is a great place to buy books for pennies on a dollar.

6. If you're going out, babysitting can cost as much or more than your tickets. See if friends, family, or neighbors will trade babysitting responsibilities — you watch theirs one night, then they watch yours another.

7. And if you're out for an afternoon of fun, consider visiting that new restaurant you wanted to try. Lunch menus are priced lower than dinner menus. Look for coupons, too. Two-for-One deals are common.

8. Finally, if you're a student, military service member, or a senior, be sure to ask for discounts. For that matter, don't forget to ask for AAA, AARP, or other membership discounts. Even some clothing retailers, for example, offer AAA discounts.

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Great ideas! Also joining (or starting) a babysitting co-op is a good way to save on child care! See http://www.frugal-living-now.com/babysitting-co-op.html for tips.

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Just an FYI not all libraries carry music, movies and video games some libraries would rather spend limited resources on books.

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"...do you know if you have a Netflix subscription you can watch thousands of movies and TV episodes free on your computer..."

If you have a Netflix subscription, you're not watching anything for "free."

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I agree JOE23521. Netflix actually costs money but you can save a lot of many depending on how much you use it.

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Several museums, zoos, and aquariums actually offer reciprocal membership agreements where you can buy one membership and visit hundreds of other locations for free.

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You can get movies free from Redbox by using their codes: http://www.insideredbox.com/redbox-codes/

You can only use a code once (they have many listed) and this isn't avialable when reserving online.