8 Ways You Can Use Towel Rods for Efficient Storage and Display


If you bought a couple extra towel rods from Ikea or if you have some lying around after home remodeling, towel racks can be an innovative way to save space and add some convenience to your life. Here are few amazing ways you can put these little helpful fellows to use. (See also: 20 Ways to Use Tension Rods)

1. For Closet Space

Attach a towel rack to the side of your closet, and you'll have the potential to store a lot of things! You can use "S" hooks to hook a shoe or jewelry organizer to the door. You can also use the "S" hooks alone for jackets and such. Finally, you may want to put extra sheets and linens on the towel rack so that they don't get wrinkled or jammed too far down into the closet. (See also: How to Organize a Messy Closet)

2. As a Coat Rack

Use those valuable "S" hooks with your towel rack and you'll have a handy coat rack that won't take up any floor space! Simply put the towel rack up in a public area, higher than eye level. Then, affix the "S" hooks. You'll have a bunch of hooks for visitors to put coats, umbrellas, hats…you name it!

3. To Hang Art or Tapestries

If you have art, pretty fabric, or tapestries that are begging to be seen, you may want to display them using towel racks. It's important that the rack is helpful in display (remember, you do have to fold them over the rack if you are going to use this method). Once this is done you'll have some lovely art on the walls that won't easily be knocked down. (See also: 12 Inexpensive DIY Art)

4. To Create Storage Space

Use towel racks in living spaces and your kitchen for things like coffee mugs, towels, knick-knacks, and more! This tip is really handy if you live in a small space and lack a lot of storage space.

5. As a Magazine Rack

A low-hanging towel rack can double as a place to hold magazines. Either affix a trough at the bottom of the rack to stow the magazines, or simply drape them over the rack (bonus points: you won't lose your place in the magazine!).

6. As a Fisherman's Friend

Attaching a towel rack to the side of a garage or storage shed can easily organize tools or, in this case, fishing rods, and supplies. Keeping the rods tucked behind the towel bar will make it easy to not get the rods tangled or damaged when they aren't in use. It will also keep other garage or storage items away from the rods themselves. (See also: Tips to Organize Your Garage)

7. As Pot Racks

First, look for a rack that doesn't look like it belongs in the bathroom. Next, simply affix the rack to your ceiling or wall in a location that aligns with your things. If you want, you can attach several racks in your kitchen to create a row above your stove or on a wall. The final step? Attach "S" hooks so you can put those kitchen utensils and pans in a convenient location!

8. To Hang Family Photos

Towel racks can be great for art or photos. Photos are a little more delicate, but there are clips and wires that will make the photos seem like they're floating or hanging mid-air. It's a really cool effect!

Have you found any alternative uses for towel rods? Let us know in comments!

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