8 Ways Your Fridge Door Can Improve Your Life

The average American opens their refrigerator door 22 times per day. If you're not using this premium spot to improve your life, you're missing out. Here are eight ideas to get you started.

1. Make it a vision board

Popularized by Oprah and The Secret, many of us began cutting out pictures of dream houses, cool cars, and destinations. Pinning them on a board (or, in this case, your refrigerator door) may not actually conjure those things up, but the activity will help you identify the things that you're striving for, and being reminded of them will keep you on track to attaining them.

2. A place for inspirational quotes

Need a little prompting to get on those goals? Display some quotes that motivate you to stay focused and live a happier life. It's amazing how looking at the same words 22 times a day actually did remind me to "be more mindful." (See also: 64 Funny, Inspiring and Stupid Money Quotes From Famous People)

3. Feature your loved ones

Sure, we all put up various pictures on our refrigerator doors. I find, though, that having my elderly Aunt Joyce's picture there reminds me to call her regularly. Put up pictures of your family members to remind you to stay in contact with them. Especially the ones who aren't on Facebook all the time.

4. Give yourself a gold star

Elementary school kids get these all the time for doing something good, so why shouldn't you? Did you eat healthy all day long? Did you exercise? Resist temptation to blow your budget? Good for you! Here's a star. Yes, it sounds a little silly, but it works to keep you motivated.

5. Post your money goals

Saving for a house, a car, or a vacation? If you're looking for a place to be reminded to stick to a savings plan, the refrigerator door is a great spot. At a reminder rate of 22 times per day, it's harder to go off-track.

6. Motivate yourself to get moving

How many calories will you have to burn to get rid of that ice cream bar? How many situps will it take to counteract drinking a can of soda? Print and post your fitness goals, as well as calorie and exercise charts to stay motivated to get healthy.

7. Make it meal-planning central

If you hate meal-planning, perhaps you just need some help to get you motivated. Keep a running list of meals on the refrigerator door, for the rest of the family to add to or cross off as their appetites and preferences change. That way, you'll never hear "Ugh. Lasagna again?" Because hey, nobody crossed it off on the list. (See also: Save Money and Eat Better With These 6 Online Meal Planners)

8. Make a wish list

Are there items you want, but don't really need? Try the 30-day rule. Write them down on a list, and tack that up on the refrigerator door. Put a date next to the item. You can't buy that item for at least 30 days. At the end of that period, if you really think you need it, ok. You'll probably find, though, that the urge has passed. (See also: 4 Questions to Always Ask Yourself Before Making a Big Purchase)

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8 Ways Your Fridge Door Can Improve Your Life

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