9 Closet Offices That Will Change How You Work

Need more space in your place? I think most of us can relate. When it comes to carving out an office, the feat can seem nearly impossible — especially in a tiny apartment or small home. But where there's a closet, there's a way. Check out these awesome home offices that fit where you least expect them to.

1. Hallway Hero

This mom of four kids (and owner of house with only three bedrooms) transformed the hallway closet into wonderfully functional square footage of her own. I love the punches of color and striped paint that make the tiny room look very much intentional. The best part? This project cost only $80 to complete with some smart accessories from Ikea.

2. Under-Stair Surprise

Some of you might have that randomly shaped closet under your hallway stairs, in which case this office reveal might inspire true genius. If your layout permits, consider adding a few file cabinets for storage. You can get wood cut to size for a simple desktop and shelves at your local hardware store. Use basic brackets to hang. Note that most computer desks are between 28-30 inches tall, so plan and measure accordingly.

3. Mighty Mini

Size doesn't dictate how amazing your closet office can be. This micro-mini office (or, as the author writes, "cloffice") has some major style. And most of it was made by upcycling an old kitchen table for the shelves and desk. Budget tip: Wrangle office supplies using aluminum cans and store magazines in old cereal boxes spiffed up with scrapbook paper.

4. Crafty Spot

This same concept works well for craft rooms. Stow all your sewing, knitting, and other creative gear neatly and beautifully in a converted closet. Seating can be as streamlined as a stool that fits under your workspace. Add a whiteboard or corkboard for jotting down notes, pinning inspiration, and hanging important reminders.

5. Storage Maximizer

If you or someone you know has mad carpentry skills, try opening up your closet and building in additional storage features, like a gigantic pegboard. I can think of a million items I could hang. Replace the closet's light bulb with an actual fixture. The pendent light in this example adds so much legitimacy to the project without costing much.

6. Walk-In Wonder

This 4.5 foot walk-in closet got a major overhaul when its owner placed a small desk and chair inside. Many closets have existing shelving that can be used right away — no skill involved and zero dollars needed. The rest is in the personal touches. Keep your clutter minimal and try mounting what you can on the wall to keep work areas clear.

7. Tiny Desk Space

Here's another example of a clever office that was built without tools. Check out thrift shops for small tables and desk that would work with your dimensions. Bright paint can make something old look new again. And just giving the walls a fresh coat will make the area look like a room of its own.

8. Room Opener

I recently took the doors off a large closet in our smallest bedroom to make my own closet office, and it made the room feel so much larger. I'm not the only one — and this teen's homework area is living proof. Yet another way to use chalkboard paint in your home.

9. Cozy Nook

Of all my closet office finds, this cozy office nook is by far my favorite. From the built-in bench (which could hold storage), to the substantial woodwork, to the hanging art and personal touches, everything about this cloffice says sophisticated. By now, I'm sure you're searching through your home to find where you're going to put your new workspace!

Have you transformed a closet into a workspace? Tell us about it in comments!

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