9 Dream Jobs You're Never Too Old to Pursue


Starting a new career shouldn't have an age restriction attached to it. Fortunately, there are a number of dream jobs that can be pursued at any age. Once you decide to put yourself first and pursue a career that you've always dreamed of, you're already one step closer. The worst restrictions that will ever be placed on your life are the ones you place on yourself.

1. Actor

Acting doesn't begin or end at any particular age. Studios are always looking for actors in all age ranges, so you can pursue this interest at any point in your life. For instance, Michael Clarke Duncan of The Green Mile didn't begin his acting career until age 38. There are myriad actors who didn't become famous until after age 30, including: Melissa McCarthy, Jon Hamm, Bill Pullman, Ty Burrell, Danny Trejo, Danny Glover, Ray Romano, Alan Rickman, Lupita Nyong'o, Kristen Wiig, and the list goes on and on.

2. Comedian

Careers in comedy can be pursued at any time. Famed comedian, Phyllis Diller, didn't make her debut as a standup comedian until age 37. Some could argue that with more life experience under your belt, you will have more funny observations. Begin with improv classes or perform stand-up at your local open mic to see how you feel in front of a crowd.

3. Musician

Music is another hobby that can become very lucrative and rewarding at any age. In fact, because it's true that practice makes perfect, one could argue that you would become better at your selected instrument with time.

4. Model

While modeling is typically considered a younger profession, that's not always the case. Designers are constantly looking for models of all ages, so while you may not book as many jobs as someone who began modeling in their late teens, it's still never too late to start. Model Valerie Ramsey didn't begin modeling until age 63.

5. Chef or Baker

Opening a bakery or starting a career as a chef can be risky. However, there is never an age limit when it comes to cooking and baking. People develop their skills and continue improving recipes over time, making them a better chef later in life. If you need more inspiration, Julia Child didn't even begin attending culinary school until she was 36 years old.

6. Teacher

If you decide later in life that you want to begin teaching students, be thankful that you now have more life experience under your belt so you can be a better, more well-rounded teacher. To begin pursuing this career, consider becoming a substitute teacher first to feel things out and see how you like the change.

7. Writer

Stan Lee didn't create his first comic book until age 38, and Laura Ingalls Wilder published her first Little House books at age 65. Whether you're interested in writing fiction, comics, nonfiction, or scripts — ideas can come to you at any age, any time. It's not too late to start writing and live the life you always dreamed of.

8. Artist

There are a range of artists with impressive careers that didn't start until later in life. Whether you're interested in painting, graphic design, illustration, or any other means of art, inspiration can come at any age. For example, Anna Mary Robertson Moses (aka Grandma Moses) didn't begin painting until age 78.

9. Fashion Designer

Designing fashion and jewelry doesn't begin or end at any age. In fact, Vera Wang didn't begin her career as a designer until age 40.

How to Get Started

Before you make the leap to your new dream job, make sure you are prepared for what's to come. For instance, if you decide to become a doctor at age 60, keep in mind that you'll need four years of medical school before you can even begin your 3-7 years of residency. It's best to pursue a new career or dream when you already have some money in the bank and you're financially set to do so. Make sure your family is also prepared for any changes that a new career may bring.

Whether you're ready to make the leap to your dream job or you're still contemplating things, you should at least begin by pursuing your passion now. Whether this means beginning cooking classes, taking a writing course, or simply figuring out exactly what kind of commitment it would take to be successful in your new career, it couldn't hurt to get started now. This will also allow you to become more realistic about what to expect and get more organized for the work ahead.

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