9 Easy, Frugal, and Tasty Recipes for Bachelors


If my husband didn’t have me to cook for him most nights, he’d exist on cheese and potato chips for the rest of his life. No lie.

That got me thinking — what happens if one day I’m not around to cook for him anymore? How will he survive?

I understand that many men don’t like to cook (especially bachelors), but I think everyone should have at least basic kitchen skills. So when I started my search for easy, frugal, and tasty recipes, I decided to simplify the process by choosing only recipes that can be made in one skillet. By keeping the ingredients limited, the instructions manageable, and the cleanup minimal, it’s my hope that these recipes will encourage first-timers to save the ramen for later and whip up something more nutritious and delicious — my husband included. (See also: Ramen Recipes to Write Home About)

1. Chili Skillet Meal

What man doesn’t like a bowl of steaming, spicy chili? Now even beginner home cooks can make a hearty, soul-soothing, rainy day version of the classic in one pan with this recipe for skillet chili. While all the usual suspects are included in this recipe — onions, green peppers, kidney beans — bacon makes a surprise appearance to whet the appetite even more. Top the finished dish with cheddar cheese, and you’ve got meal fit for the king of his own castle.

2. Rice Pilaf With Shrimp

This ready-in-less-than-30-minutes meal includes several of the main food groups, including rice as the grain, lima beans or edamame as the veggie, and shrimp to provide lots of protein. To give the flavor profile a bit more depth, prosciutto, shallots, and dill also make an appearance to help make this shrimp with rice pilaf recipe one that you’ll want to keep within reach.

3. Tofu and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Vegetarian bachelors will enjoy this recipe that turns crispy tofu and tender broccoli into a symphony of Asian flavors that crescendo in the mouth. Red pepper gives this dish a bit of a kick, while fresh ginger and garlic add spiciness.

4. Thyme, Pork Chop, and Pineapple Summer Skillet

I had to include this recipe for a thyme, pork chop, and pineapple skillet because it totally screams summer. It reminds me of something I might order at a nice Hawaiian restaurant. There are lots of fruit flavors in this dish, including fresh pineapple, apricot preserves, and orange juice, and a small amount of curry powder and fresh ginger help spice things up. One bite and you’ll be whisked away to an imaginary luau.

5. Parmesan Orzo and Meatballs

Here’s another manly gut-buster that’s sure to fill you up. The best part about this recipe for Parmesan orzo and meatballs is that it’s even easier than you might expect because most of the ingredients are prepackaged, like frozen bell pepper and onion stir-fry, beef broth, uncooked orzo, frozen meatballs, and shredded Parmesan cheese. The only two ingredients you’ll have to chop are the tomatoes and parsley. It's a total breeze and ready in about 20 minutes.

6. Chicken With Olives and Peppers

Take a trip to the Mediterranean during dinner tonight with this recipe for chicken with olives and peppers. Boneless chicken thighs marry a medley of colorful peppers, garlic, shallots, and pitted green olives to create a rustic dish that you might find on the table at a typical home in Spain.

7. Scallops With Creamy Pesto

If you’re not an experienced cook, making a dish of scallops with creamy pesto might be out of your comfort zone. But it shouldn't be; scallops are one of the easiest foods to make…and they're delicious! This meal is ready in 10 minutes, and all you have to do is season the scallops, cook for 3 to 4 minutes, and make the creamy pesto sauce by combining store-bought pesto and heavy cream.

8. Greek-Style Halibut

Another seafood dish that packs lots of flavor into a single skillet is this recipe for Greek-style halibut that includes some very interesting ingredients. Your inner foodie may be pleased to find fennel, ouzo (a licorice-flavored liqueur), chickpeas, and oregano as star players in this dish for an out-of-this world fish.

9. Crispy Potatoes With Green Beans and Eggs

There’s no way I could create a list of one-skillet recipes without including an egg dish. I love eggs because they’re so versatile, easy to cook, delicious, and good for you — and this recipe for crispy potatoes with green beans and eggs is no exception. To keep this recipe contained to one skillet, use frozen green beans (otherwise you’ll have to boil fresh green beans in a separate pot). Also, make sure you cut the potatoes in small enough cubes that they’ll cook properly in the skillet; you want spuds that are crispy on the outside but creamy on the inside. After cooking the eggs in the final step, add a dash of paprika for a bit of color and a nice smoky flavor.

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I love the idea of cooking with one pot, especially in a kitchen as small as mine. Of all the recipes in this fresh collection, the ones that I want to try first are the rustic potatoes with beans and eggs and the orzo with meatballs.

On my blog I also wrote about Delicious One Dish Meals for a Song:


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I'm no longer a bachelor but I like these ideas. Thanks.

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