9 Frugal Gifts for the Person Who Needs a Nap


Is anyone on your gift list cranky or stressed-out? Let's face it, this year has been pretty tiring. Maybe they need a nap. Heck, we all could probably use one.

Napping can help you recharge, zap stress, and boost your mood. Who doesn't need that, especially during the holiday season? Let's encourage napping, and enjoy the benefits. Here are nine items that will make someone sleepy just by looking at them.

1. Cozy Blanket

I bought a super-soft fleece throw for my husband, and when I'm not stealing it, he's using it to nap. Tossing one over a chair looks homey.

2. Sleepy Tea

Chamomile tea is known for making people sleepy. According to the science, "Sedative effects may be due to the flavonoid, apigenin, that binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain." Or, it could just be the relaxing ritual of making a cup of tea that makes the eyelids heavy.

3. Eye Mask

For the light sleeper in your life, consider getting them an eye mask. The added darkness can keep that pesky sun from ruining a napping mood.

4. Nap-on-the-Go Accessories

Slightly germaphobic, I don't like using the blankets or pillows provided by the airlines. Who touched that? Ewww. So if you know a frequent traveler who feels the same way, consider this handy blanket and pillow combo, complete with handy carrying strap.

5. White Noise Machine

We took our pediatrician's advice and did not stop doing chores while baby napped. Now the kid can sleep through anything. "White noise" is simply a combination of different sounds and frequencies. But no need to run the vacuum cleaner — just flip the switch on one of these white noise machines. (See also: Why a 50 Year Old Gadget May Be the Best Cure for Insomnia)

6. Hot Water Bottle

To take the chill off, there is just something about a hot-water bottle. The product, patented in 1903, is the epitome of low-tech. It's also really nice to have one of these comforting bottles around when you don't feel well. Just add hot water and snooze.

7. A Little Lavender

Lavender may be just thing thing to help you rest, as it has been shown to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Spray a little spritz and see if it is sleep-inducing. If nothing else, it smells wonderful.

8. Fan

A room fan offers the combination of cooling the room — which signals the body that it is time to sleep — plus a little white noise. I cannot sleep at night without my fan running. Any seasoned napper would love this extra snooze-boost.

9. Yoga Tunes

I'll admit that I have embarrassed myself by falling asleep in yoga class on, um, more than one occasion. Oh, well. Maybe the relaxing yoga music will help your favorite napper, too.

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I guess my idea of a frugal gift and yours are very different.

An awesome gift would be a crock pot. It is something that would be useful in preparing meals.

Found a great noise machine at The Salvation Army for less then $5.

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