9 Online Retailers Who Let You Stack Coupons


The idea of walking into a store and stacking coupons of different varieties is not a new concept to most savvy shoppers. Perhaps it's a manufacturer's coupon, stacked with a store-branded coupon, to essentially double your savings. But what about stacking coupon codes when shopping online? I'm here to tell you that it absolutely can be done and it's an amazing way to score a fantastic online deal. Here are the nine "stacking" websites worth knowing about.

1-3. Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy

While all three of these stores generally don't allow coupon stacking in-store, their websites happily let you stack up to five coupon codes on a single purchase. Your best option for success is to stack a percentage-off coupon with a dollar-off coupon, although two percentage-off coupons will sometimes work. To maximize your savings, add the percentage-off coupon to your online order first, followed by the dollar-off coupon. Sign up for their newsletters and keep an eye on coupon websites in order to find multiple coupon codes worth stacking.

4. CVS Drugstore

CVS has a legendary in-store coupon stacking policy that lets you stack a manufacturer coupon, store coupon, and CVS Extra Care Bucks for maximum savings. While shopping online via their website doesn't provide the same amazing stacking ability, it's still worth mentioning. They'll let you stack two coupons per online order, one for a site-wide percentage off, and one coupon good for a specific item you're purchasing.

5. DSW

DSW, also known as Designer Shoe Warehouse, is known for their liberal coupon policy which lets you stack three different coupon codes on your online order. It should also be noted that a coupon code is only good once per account, so once you redeem it, it's gone. Be sure to sign up for the DSW Rewards program, as they'll send you monthly coupons that you can stack for things like free shipping or up to 20% off your order.

6. Kohl's

Kohl's just might be the king of coupons when it comes to the ability to stack them. As a matter of fact, you can stack up to four coupons per online purchase. Your best strategy is to start by adding a site-wide percentage off coupon to your virtual shopping cart; you can typically find 15% or 20% off coupons by doing a quick Google search for "Kohl's coupons." Next, if available, add a couple department specific coupon codes to your purchase. Lastly, for good measure, add a free shipping coupon code to the mix so you get your purchase delivered to your doorstep for no extra charge.

7. NewEgg

Stacking coupon codes at NewEgg works a little different than the other stores mentioned. They allow you to stack more than one coupon per order, but you can only use a single coupon on each item in your purchase. Because they rarely release site-wide coupons, this is not a big issue. But they do release many coupons for specific items, especially for computers and accessories like external hard drives, flash drives, and SSD drives. So if you're not brand or model specific, and simply have a few "must-have" specs in mind, you can very likely buy three items and apply a coupon code to each. Check out their promo codes page for a updated list of current coupons. It's also worth your time to sign up for coupons via email while you're there.

8. Target

According to the Target website, you can apply multiple promo codes to your online purchase. While they aren't specific as to the number of codes you can stack, all you need to do is enter each one and click apply until they say "no mas." Also, according to their website, it should also be noted that "some offers require that only one promo code be applied." When this happens, you'll automatically get credit for the coupon that nets you the greatest savings. Always start your search for stackable Target promo codes directly on their "Current Promotions" page.

9. Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret will accept three offer codes on a single online purchase. When checking out from their website, look for the offer codes section and enter up to three. You'll find these codes through their catalog, website, emails, and in promotional mailings. If all of these options fail to score you a code, simply type "Victoria's Secret coupons" into Google and you're bound to find something you can use to save.

Not only will Victoria's Secret accept multiple coupon codes on your online purchase, but they'll even retroactively add a code if you forget to add it during checkout, or maybe found one after you finalized your order. You can call them directly at (800) 568-4288 to get your coupon code added to your online purchase. The sooner you can call them after finalizing your purchase, the better, as it gives them ample to time to adjust your order total before shipping your purchase.

Have you ever been able to successfully stack coupons to save some extra money?

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