9 Places to Get Student Discounts

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September is nearly over, which means that the excitement of starting a new school year has worn off for most students. The realities of studying and student loans have set in.

Thankfully there are a lot of benefits to being a student — including discounts at a wide range of stores. I've compiled categories and specific retail chains that are known for their student discounts. (See also: The College Freshman Budget)


As a student, perhaps the greatest discount you'll get is on technology. And if this is your last year in school, consider buying that software or hardware you've had your eye on. Here are some of the most popular technology discounts for students:


In my experience student discounts on travel aren't all they're advertised to be. Sometimes you may get a small discount on airfare, but usually when I've looked at the popular student travel sites the prices are nearly the same. That said, if you have an upcoming trip, student travel discounts are worth looking into:


Movie theaters are the most widely known for offering student discounts, though there are plenty of other entertainment options for students:

  • Theater Tickets
  • Museum Tickets
  • Sports (watch your university's newspapers for "college nights")


Check your favorite newspapers for disocunts (e.g. Wall Street Journal)


Many local restaurants offer student discounts. Don't be shy — ask the hostess when you arrive or check your student paper to watch for special deals.

Cell Phone Service

If you're a student and paying full price for your cell phone, you should immediately contact your carrier to get a discounted rate:


There aren't too many big chain retail shops that offer student discounts, but be sure to look at smaller retailers around your school:

  • J Crew (even on clearance wear)
  • Old Navy (Events throughout the year, such as this one)


These are some deals that can be found online:

  • Student Advantage offers a discount card that includes a student discount at Target Online. The fee is $20 for 1 year — I'm not sure which of these discounts you would qualify for without the card, but it seems like it could pay off.
  • Student Buying Guide is a blog aimed specifically at providing students with deals and coupons.
  • Amazon Prime Membership (Amazon has just started offering their Prime membership for free to students for a year. This means free 2-day shipping on any of their products.)
  • But perhaps the best site I've come across is Edhance, a free site which offers student deals.

Student Union

Don't forget to check for student discounts at your student union. I know my school's student union information desk sells discounted movie tickets, museum tickets and can tell me about a lot of other deals that I might not otherwise know about.

What student discounts do you find particularly helpful?

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I did an online chat with T-Mobile about the student discount and was told it's a 6% discount for my university, but that I have to sign a new two-year contract. No thanks.

The Adobe discounts are really great, though.

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I've heard that Banana Republic has a 15% discount for students if they show their ids.

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club monaco also gives a pretty good student discount. I think its 20%

Guest's picture

Ikea has a student discount also... somewhere between 10-15%..... just show your student id...

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J Crew's corporate policy is to give a 15% discount on everything, but I've never been to a J Crew that actually honored this policy.

Guest's picture

I work for a call center, Convergys, and ended up with 17% discount for my service, sadly no discount for being a student at APSU.