9 Quick Workouts You Can Do During Commercial Breaks

The average half hour television show boasts a full eight minutes of commercials. Double that for your hour-long program, and you have a whole lot of time spent just sitting around. Even if you watch a single half hour show each day, that's almost an hour of extra time in your week when you could be doing something to better yourself. Specifically, something better for your health!

So we've compiled the following workouts, all of which can be done in just two minutes each to fit between commercial breaks. Mix and match them during your next television session to add some good-for-you activity to your life. (See also: These At-Home Exercises Will Give You a Gym-Quality Workout For Free)

1. Explosive Cardio

This cardio workout starts with high knees and quickly progresses into side skaters for a wide range of motion. Standard burpees kick the routine up a notch until its intense finish that adds an explosive hop to the mix. Phew! Game of Thrones is back on!

2. Micro Workout

Whether you're sitting on the couch or at your desk, you can totally fit this quickie total body workout into a break. Squats give your legs a super boost, and you want them nice and deep to get the most benefit. Next, use your desk or dining room table for some standing push-ups before switching to one-armed planks in the same position.

3. Ab Blaster

For more targeted work, try these ab-blasting moves. You'll begin with your legs elevated at a 90-degree angle for crunches. Then, contract your abs while you pulse your legs to work on the lower set of muscles. The rest are modifications with challenging static holds.

4. Total Toner

You can do this toning workout in the time it takes to brush your teeth. Jump your feet back to a plank position and complete a couple push-ups at whatever position feels the most comfortable. The Superman pose is new to me, but I'm surprised how well it firms the muscles on the back of my body with zero impact.

5. Leg Lifter

This killer leg workout is completed in just two power-packed minutes. The exercises are 30 seconds each, starting with a wide sumo squat. After that, do some lunges — making sure to keep your core engaged. These exercises both progress from slow to fast to get your heart pumping.

6. Arm Sculpter

Don't forget your arms! You can sculpt and gain strength with a fast arm routine and a couple light dumbbells. Begin with a few jumping-jacks to get your cardio going, then move to alternating overhead presses, hammer curls, and tricep work. Don't have weights? Try using soup cans or water bottles!

7. Best Basic

If you'd rather not follow a video or instructor, try something basic like jumping rope, walking in place (or on a treadmill), or doing a mix of body weight workouts you know by heart. When in doubt, just keep moving for two minutes, whether it's doing crunches, push-ups, jumping jacks, side jumps, or even just dancing around the room with your kids.

8. Super Stretch

Switch up your mini-workout series with a good stretch. These yoga poses flow from one to the next in quick succession. Control your motion and keep proper posture for best results. Your muscles will feel incredibly refreshed and relaxed after this one.

9. Big Breath

Bonus: Most of us don't fit relaxation into our day, yet it's important to take time — even two minutes — to slow down and restore. This breathing sequence will help wind down your mind and body or, alternatively, recharge your batteries before the day's next big task. Inhale, exhale, and repeat.

What productive activities do you do while watching the tube?

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9 Quick Workouts You Can Do During Commercial Breaks

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