9 Store Loyalty Programs That Are Worth It


If you've never taken advantage of store loyalty programs, then it's time to start. If you frequently visit the same stores, then you deserve to be rewarded for your purchases. But not all rewards programs are the same. Some are more of a hassle than they're worth, while others are ultra-generous.

Here are nine store rewards programs that are definitely worth your loyal dollars.

1. Starbucks

If Starbucks is a place that you visit frequently, then the My Starbucks Rewards program is a must. You can simply register online or download the app to your smartphone and accumulate points every time you visit Starbucks. There are different levels to the program, so the more you visit Starbucks, the more you will be rewarded. For instance, once you reach the gold level, every 12 drinks you purchase will earn you one free drink. You can even pay for your drinks using the app, and rewards members also receive exclusive deals and discounts throughout the month.

2. Target

Target offers its own unique apps to help shoppers find what they need faster, while saving more at checkout. Their Cartwheel app (available for Android or iOS) offers access to hundreds of coupons, which you can add to your mobile barcode to quickly scan at checkout. Additionally, Target's REDcard saves 5% in-store and online, and you can still use all of your favorite coupons and money-saving apps along with it.

3. Sephora

Sephora's Beauty Insider program is perfect for anyone who frequently purchases beauty products. With this multi-level program, you will earn points for every dollar spent, which can later be used to purchase items in the store. As a Beauty Insider, you will also have exclusive access to special products, free in-store beauty classes, select promotions, free items from time to time, and even a free birthday gift. When you accumulate enough points, you may receive an invitation to the Beauty Insider VIB Program, which grants you access to exclusive events and specialty products. U.S. News and Refinery29 selected this as the best loyalty reward program for makeup mavens.

4. CVS Rewards

CVS Rewards offers its shoppers coupons, exclusive deals, and cash back to spend in the store. This program is unique because it tracks what you purchase to provide you with customized coupons that fit your shopping habits.

5. Best Buy

With the Best Buy Reward Zone, shoppers are rewarded in a number of different ways. You can earn points for every dollar spent, receive exclusive offers and promotions, and have access to special events. The more you spend every year, the higher your status will be, which translates to even more money saved.

6. Safeway

Safeway has mastered the art of the grocery store loyalty program. Now, every time you save at the market, you can save at the gas station as well. That's because with Safeway's Rewards Points program, you can turn every point earned into a discount at Safeway and Dominic's, as well as most Mobil stations. Simply use your rewards card at checkout to earn one point for every dollar spent. Once you hit 100 points, you will earn $0.10 off per gallon of gas.

7. Century 21

Century 21 is one of the largest retail stores, and with its delightful array of offerings, it can be difficult to leave with only what you came in for. This is why the C21 Status program is so beneficial to frequent shoppers. It allows you to earn cash back, as well as access to express checkout lines and exclusive discounts. Refinery29 selected this as one of the best store loyalty programs.

8. Bloomingdale's

Bloomingdale's Loyalist program offers points for every purchase made and double points for cosmetics and fragrance purchases. For every 5,000 points, you receive a $25 gift card. If you make big purchases at Bloomingdale's, then these rewards will add up quickly, and you can save even more by signing up for a Bloomingdale's credit card as well.

9. Gilt

Gilt offers a unique online-only loyalty program. You can earn points for things like visiting the site, making purchases, and connecting with the brand. The points can be redeemed for discounts, early access to sales, free shipping, and a variety of other goods and services.

Do you know of any other store loyalty programs that are actually worth it? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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Guest's picture
Kimmy Burgess

Loyalty programs are there for many stores but most of them do not satisfy their programs to the most. The stores listed here are good to go. I loved the target app and Starbucks. They are really worth.

Guest's picture

dunkin donuts app is even better than Starbucks. discounts on coffees, meals on top of free drinks for frequency of visits.

Guest's picture
Carey @ wiserdollar.com

Good information. I was unaware of most of these loyalty programs before seeing your article.

Guest's picture

Smiths (Krogers) has the same loyalty program as Safeway. I also pay with American Express and get another 5% off. At the end of the month I save $.30 a gallon on gas which is great for my 26 gallon tank

Guest's picture
Kelli B

Great loyalty programs - thanks for sharing! Krogers (or one of their other stores like Smiths) is also great... you earn points each time you shop and then save at their gas stations. You can get quite a bit taken off per gallon.

Guest's picture

What about those of us who do not have a smart phone and cannot afford to have one.

Damian Davila's picture

If you're already tied up to an AT&T contract, then Plenti is very worthwhile. You get 1 point per dollar of your monthly bill. Every Plenti point is $0.01. So, if you pay $150 per month, you get $1.50 per month to use at participating retailers. I live in Hawaii so we don't have Exxon, Mobil, or Rite Aid over here but it's still worthwhile for me because I shop often at Macy's. No fees to sign up, but the sign up process could be much smoother.

Guest's picture

I am really surprised to find CVS on this list. Their coupons don't matter much when their goods are already overpriced, and you can't use the coupons on sale items. After trying again and again to save money with their coupons and finding every time I could have gotten the items elsewhere for cheaper-- even when using the cvs coupons-- I have simply spammed the CVS emails.

Coupons mean nothing when the items are already way overpriced.

Guest's picture

I find Kroger as my best loyalty program

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