9 Things You Can Do Online Besides Watch Cat GIFs


On the rare occasion that you have some free time, there are a variety of productive, frugal ways to browse the Internet — other than watching an endless stream of cat videos on YouTube. By taking advantage of your free time and getting the most out of your browsing, you can improve your life and achieve your goals more quickly. You can even save time and earn money along the way. Here are a few ways to wisely use your web time.

1. Review Your Finances

Check your online statements to balance your bank accounts and credit cards. This will help ensure that your budget is on track for the month. While you're at it, you can also pay your bills and check in on your investments. (See also: 5 Tricks to Consolidating Your Debt and Saving Money)

2. Organize Your Computer

Organize the files on your computer so that you can be more productive at work. You can also run computer cleaners to clear away junk files, free up space, and even increase computer speed. (See also: Make Your Computer Last (Almost) Forever With Some Simple Tricks)

3. Take a Class

Online classes span an endless range of subjects. They can help you learn a new skill or explore a new hobby. You can even study for a certification in your field to advance your career and help you seek new employment. (See also: 7 Certifications That Add Big to Your Salary)

Whether you want to learn something new or would like to improve your craft, anything can be accomplished with online courses. If you don't want to sign up for a course, consider finding an e-book that highlights your new skills. (See also: 7 Things You Must Know Before Taking an Online Class)

4. Learn to Code

Not everybody can master coding, but if it's something that interests you, there are endless free resources to get you started. Spend some time on sites like Codecademy during your free time if you'd like to build a website or learn to decipher code.

5. Learn a Language

Learn a new language with sites like Duolingo, which is free to use. Best of all, you'll feel like you're playing a game while you learn a new language. (See also: You Can Learn a New Language)

6. Learn to Speed Read

You can learn to speed read using free online apps like Spreeder. This can save you time, help you read faster, and increase your productivity. (See also: 17 Cool Jobs for Book Lovers)

7. Network

Spend some time fixing up your LinkedIn page and reach out to colleagues and contacts. This can improve your working relationships and help you find a new job when you need one. (See also: 30 Minutes to a LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Hired)

8. Write

Whether you are interested in writing articles, have a knack for poetry, or have considered starting your own blog, use your free time online to pursue your passion for prose. Best of all, you can even make some money in the process. (See also: 22 Websites That Will Pay You to Write for Them)

9. Play Games and Watch Videos for Cash

While playing games on your computer might not seem productive, you can actually make money while doing so. Sites like Swagbucks will give you points for playing games, watching videos, answering surveys, shopping online, and searching the Internet. You can later trade in your points for cash or gift cards. (See also: What Pays More: Online Surveys or the Gig Economy?)

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