9 Ways Life Is Wonderful When You're a Good Driver

by Carrie Kirby on 17 May 2016 (0 comments)

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Are you the mom who always gets asked to drive on school field trips? Do you take pleasure in feeling yourself come to a complete stop at intersections? Can you recall many instances over the years when your defensive driving prevented an accident?

If your answer was yes, then you know the pleasures of being a truly excellent driver. If no, keep reading to learn more about how the care you take behind the wheel can pay dividends that you may not even be aware of.

1. You and Your Loved Ones Are Safer

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: Bad driving is responsible for 94% of car crashes. By avoiding poor decisions such as speeding or driving drunk, and avoiding distractions and being vigilant about driving defensively, you make it much less likely that you or a loved one will be injured in a car crash.

2. You Pay Less for Car Insurance

In order to qualify for the lowest insurance premiums, you need a clean record without crashes or tickets. Ask for a good driver’s discount or other perks like  accident forgiveness when negotiating rates and if you do get a moving violation, get rid of the point by attending traffic school before it affects your premium.

3. You’re Healthier

Engaging in aggressive driving, commonly known as “road rage,” has been shown to have a negative effect on your health. As you inevitably get into conflicts with other drivers, your stress levels will rise, to the detriment of your immune system, your cardiovascular system, and your emotional wellbeing.

4. You Spend Less at the Pump

Speeding doesn’t actually save much time — going 10 miles faster on a 20 mile trip gets you there all of three minutes faster. But slowing down can save you a lot of money.

In one case study, a speedy driver saved about four minutes an hour — at the cost of $46 more in gas each month.

5. You Learn Life Lessons

Good driving habits just happen to be the same behaviors we need to do well in life, so why not practice them during your commute?

The blog Driving in the Real World points out that all safe driving tactics have their big-picture equivalents. For example, it’s a good idea to keep a safe distance between yourself and other cars on the road, just as it’s a good idea to give yourself a time cushion to avoid being late for work. And when other people behave badly, whether it’s on the road or at work, it’s safer and healthier to just let it go.

6. You Have Better Employment Prospects

There is a long list of jobs that a ticket for reckless driving may disqualify you for, including police officer, mail carrier, babysitter, and (of course) commercial driver. If you’ve been convicted of driving under the influence, things could be even worse, especially if you are or want to be a pilot.

7. You May Have a Better Credit Score

Higher insurance premiums aren’t the only way reckless driving can cost you. There are financial costs involved for receiving a citation, getting a DUI, and of course getting in an accident, especially if your insurance plan has a high deductible. Fail to pay any of these bills on time, and there goes your credit rating.

8. Your Kids Will Become Safer Drivers

Teens who report that their parents are not safe drivers are more likely to get tickets or have crashes themselves, a survey found.

9. You Have Better Dating Prospects

This might surprise you, but a survey by the Institute of Advanced Motorists ranked road rage and texting while driving as the most offensive things someone could do on a first date. Apparently, singles value the prospect of staying alive until that goodnight kiss.

There’s no more excuses not to be a good driver when the benefits are clear. Safe driving!

*National average annual car insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved with Progressive in 2015.

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