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Wise Bread is one of the most popular personal finance blogs.

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  • 2.1 million page views, 1.2 million unique visitors in an average month
  • 25k Twitter followers
  • 13k Facebook fans
  • 67 Klout score

Media Relations

  • Wise Bread articles are frequently picked up by Yahoo, MSN, US News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, and SavvySugar.
  • Wise Bread is frequently linked to by Lifehacker, Consumerist, New York Times, Digg, and Reddit.
  • Our Senior Editor is a regular on Marketplace Money.
  • Our writers have been interviewed on many local TV news segments, as well as national broadcasts like CNN Newsroom and ABC Good Money.

Meet our readers

Wise Bread readers are young, well educated professionals who know the value of their hard-earned cash and wants to spend it wisely. They are net-savvy trendsetters eager to try out beneficial financial services.

  • 60% Female
  • 35% 18-34
  • 36% 35-49
  • 77% College graduates or higher
  • 52% Own home
  • HHI: 18% $50K-$74K; 17% $75K-99K; 23% over $100K

Our readers rely on us to help them make financial and purchasing decisions.

  • 94% are likely to try a new online service
  • 95% are likely to purchase online in the next 6 months
  • 61% are looking to open new financial accounts
  • 95% are likely to have significant input in the household’s financial decisions
  • 89% are likely to share their views about products and services with their friends

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Popular Features: Sponsorships are available for our weekly Ask the Readers and WB Chats. This is an opportunity for advertisers to engage our readers and have a real conversation with them.
  • Sponsored Posts: Because our sponsored posts are always written by our own staff writers, they are a powerful branding opportunity for advertisers to connect to readers.
  • Sponsored Hub: We can create an exclusive section for a sponsor to engage and inform our readers.
  • Custom Campaigns: We can tailor any campaign to the specific goals of the sponsor.

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