Afraid, Yet Smitten - You Haven't Heard of Violent Acres Yet?

So, if you have yet to read the writings of The Terrifyingly Funny Evil Blog Queen V at Violent Acres (and you should have, since handsome studmuffin Will Chen linked her in his Top 20 Savvy Living Stories You Missed This Year), then you're in for a real treat/therapy session. Someone sent me a link to her story about How to Fight, which is, hands-down, one of my favorite blog posts ever. But more topical, at least for this site, is her three-part series on financial indepedence.

It’s about changing your perceptions, re-evaluating your wants and needs, and gaining the ability to make your own choices even if they go against the grain. A little self discovery will take you farther than any spread sheet I could show you. I guess the real question is: How bad do you want it?

V has created a good deal of controversy over her statements, and has earned herself a good number of enemies in the blogging community in a short amount of time. All kinds of claims are made about her (she's a man, she's fat, she uses technology to somehow twist her site traffic), but none of that matters to me. If someone can make me laugh out loud while my jaw drops, then they get my linking. 

I'm not going to endorse or criticize her opinions, because I'm kind of afraid that she will try to cut me. So I'm just linking — but be warned, V wouldn't exactly fit in in a "positive" blog environment, so she probably won't be on our (future) blog roll. But she has some GREAT ideas about money, management, saving, and investing.

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Will Chen's picture

that fighting tip about shouting "I'll EAT YOUR EYES" during a fight works for guys, too. Just saying.

I like her writing as well.  I picked her story on how she got out of debt as one of the top 20 savvy living stories you may have missed this year. /end shameless self plug.

It's funny that you are pretending to be afraid of her.  Wasn't it just yesterday you were telling me how you wanted to challenge her to a blogoff?  

Andrea Karim's picture

Now she's going to eat my eyes, thanks. I'm sorry, I forgot that she was in your list - I went back and perused it, but didn't see her there... and now that I look back, there she is. Duh. My bad. 

Did I talk smack about a blog-off? What I meant was, I would like to feed her peeled grapes and fan her with giant palm fronds while she blogs.

Will Chen's picture

I alredy sent out the invitation. You're pretty handy with broadswords right?

Andrea Karim's picture

And when I'm finished with her [puffs out chest, flexes bicep], I'm coming for you.

Will Chen's picture

all your paychecks need my signature authorization. That's LIVE signature. No stamps.