All the Modern Ways You Can Order Pizza


Feel like pizza tonight? How will you order your favorite pie? Take a look at all the ways you can get your hot-and-fresh fix, pretty much like a space person — because this is 2016, and anything is possible. (See also: 12 Surprising Things You Can Have Delivered)

1. Old-Fashioned Phone Call

Yeah, you can still pick up the phone and dial your local pizza joint — one of my friends admittedly orders his from his rotary phone, and for that he's not allowed in public with me — but why would you when there are so many other fun ways to order?

2. The Internet

Quick, simple, and perhaps the most popular way of ordering pizza these days — online ordering was a big deal when it was first introduced. It's easy to see why most people prefer it, too, as the interactive process of building the order is fun, and there's a lower risk of error to your order when there's a computerized paper trail.

3. Smartphone or Tablet App

With the rise of smartphones and tablets in the late aughts, it only made sense that ordering pizza would progress from your desktop to your handheld device. The big chains — Papa John's, Pizza Hut, and Domino's — were the first to launch their own apps, but even smaller, local joints are now able to get in on the action by developing apps at reasonable prices. An even further development of ordering by smartphone is being able to speak your order into the device instead of tapping and choosing items with your fingers; the Domino's app currently features this technology.

4. Text

Domino's — which was losing battle after battle in the Pizza War just a few years ago — is back and arguably better than ever. Aside from its revamped menu featuring fresher ingredients and more choices, the chain founded in 1960 is a pioneer in modern pizza ordering. For instance, you can now send a pizza emoji — yep, that little pizza-slice icon — via text to DPIZZA (374992) if you have "Easy Order" set up in your Domino's app account. In 30 minutes or so, your go-to pie will arrive at your door.

5. Smart Watch

If you own an Android Wear, Pebble Smartwatch, or Apple Watch, you can "Easy Order" your pizza from Domino's. Just open the app on your watch and hit submit. You can also plan ahead with an option that allows you to schedule a future pizza delivery for your Netflix and chill.

6. Smart Car

If you're a Ford vehicle owner, you can order pizza on your way home by opening the Domino's app using Ford SYNC AppLink — if your vehicle is equipped with the technology — and saying, "Place My Easy Order." It's totally safe and hands-free.

7. Smart Table

Smart, touch-enabled tables have been creating buzz for many years now, but Pizza Hut is on the forefront of bringing the technology to real-life situations, like ordering pizza toppings in its restaurants. It started testing the tables, which allow you to build your own pizza, in concept stage in 2014, but there's no sign that a table has been instituted in one its stores thus far... though it can't be far off.

8. Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs with the Domino's app (can we give Domino's a hand for totally owning most of the modern ways to order pizza?) lets you reorder one of your past orders, place your Easy Order, or track your delivery all without having to leave the show you're watching; a bar will pop up on the bottom of the screen so you can multitask.

9. Eye Motion

Like the smart-table-ordering concept from Pizza Hut, ordering pizza using only your eyes, which is a product of Pizza Hut, is not yet a reality, but it's actively being tested. Essentially, you'll use a tablet powered by Tobii, makers of an eye-tracking technology, that will follow your eyes to help you choose the toppings you'd like. Seems a little unnecessary as tapping the selection is just a fast, but if you're, like, a serious germaphobe, I suppose this solves at least one problem.

10. Twitter

Similar to texting your pizza emoji to Domino's, the restaurant also accepts orders via Twitter. Simply tweet #EasyOrder or the pizza emoji to @Dominos and prepare to dig in.

11. Amazon Prime Now

If you're a member of Amazon Prime Now — an extension of the subscription-based Amazon Prime — you can order pizza through the service from participating vendors. This is currently local shops in your area, and not just major chain brands in participating cities. You can find out if the service is available to you by entering your zip code on the Amazon Prime Now homepage.

12. Amazon Echo

If you've seen the commercial featuring a hungover Alec Baldwin ordering new socks from bed, you've seen the Amazon Echo. Domino's — because who else? — has partnered with the new device to make voice ordering a breeze. With the Domino's Skill for the Echo, you can tell it reorder your most recent order, send your Easy Order, or track your order from across the room. Just speak and you shall receive.

Have you tried any of these crazy new ways to order pizza? Which one is your favorite?

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