Almost 50 Unique Housewarming Gifts for Less Than $20


The perfect way to welcome someone into their new home is with a unique, practical housewarming gift — and we've come up with some of the best ideas that they are sure to love. Best of all, for only $20 or less, these gifts won't break the bank!

1. DIY Baskets

DIY baskets are affordable and fun to make. Some of the best DIY baskets for a new homeowner include:

  • Cleaning basket: Include things like all-purpose cleaner, sponges, a dustpan, and rags for a gift that will keep their new home in tip-top shape.
  • Tool kit: Make your own by including all the must-haves, or you can simply purchase an affordable tool kit instead.
  • Gardening kit: Include affordable essentials like a trowel, rake, shovel, and fork, or just purchase a complete garden tool set.
  • Coffee kit: Everybody needs coffee, so think about gifting gourmet coffee with a nice new electric grinder or mug. You can even create your own personalized coffee mugs with a little paint.
  • Kitchen set: Include must-haves like utensils, an oven mitt, a peeler, and/or a meat thermometer for a DIY kitchen basket. Add an inexpensive cookbook and a new cookbook holder to complete the gift.

2. Gifts They Can Eat

What better way to welcome someone into their new home than with something delicious? There are several food gifts you can give that won't cost much, such as:

  • Home cooked meal: Make a meal for them to enjoy and include the recipe card.
  • DIY food basket: Include one of your favorite simple recipes and the ingredients required to make it. You can always add a nice new kitchen accessory as well, like a new wooden spoon.
  • Beers on you: All you need to do is purchase an affordable cooler and fill it with ice, beers, lemons, limes, and any other drinking accessories you think they'll like.
  • Indoor herb garden: They'll be able to grow their own fresh herbs indoors to enjoy in about six weeks.
  • Popcorn kit: Wrap up a popcorn maker with a popcorn and seasoning collection so they can enjoy a movie after a long day of unpacking.
  • Mushroom farm: Who doesn't love fresh mushrooms? With this gift, they can grow fresh organic mushrooms right from their new kitchen.

3. Personalized Items

Embroidered, engraved, and monogrammed items are some of the best personalized gifts you can buy. Take the DIY approach, or purchase them already embroidered or engraved. Some of the best items to personalize include:

4. Things They're Sure to Need

There are certain things that we could all use more of, especially after moving into a new place. Put a unique spin on the essentials to suit your friends' style and personality. All of these items can be found for under $20:

5. Wine Essentials

Wine is the perfect gift for almost any special occasion, particularly after a stressful move. If your friends are wine drinkers, gift them handy essentials such as:

6. Good Luck Charms

Everyone needs a little good luck, especially after a move. Consider a sage kit so that they can cleanse their new home and attract good fortune. You can even give them unique garden sets to entice good luck, like a growing wishes seed kit, lucky bamboo plant, or bonsai tree kit.

7. Relaxation Aids

Everyone loves to relax after a stressful event and there is nothing more stressful than moving. Help your friend pamper themselves with items like unique bath salt sets, tea samplers, and crackling candles. These and other spa necessities can be combined to form one large relaxation basket.

8. Pet Treats

Giving your friends' pet a new toy or gift basket will make you their new favorite guest. Including a pet in the gift-giving festivities usually means a lot to the homeowners as well.

What are your favorite affordable, unique housewarming gifts? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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