Alternatives to drunk driving

Party hardy tonight, but don't drive drunk!

Not only could you die (bummer) or kill someone else (unforgivable), but it could cost you financially big time (not savvy living).

MSN Money says the fines are just a fraction of a DUI's real cost:

A driving-under-the-influence conviction is a financial wrecking ball. A typical DUI costs about $10,000 by the time you pay bail, fines, fees, and insurance, even if you didn't hit anything or hurt anybody.

A drunk driving conviction is just not worth it, especially when there are plenty of safe, pain-free alternatives.

1. Have a Designated Driver

If one of your friends doesn't drink, great! Carpool and be safe. Let the sober guy drive, and stop yelling at him from the back seat.

2. Use AAA's Tipsy Tow Holiday Program

Just call the number listed for your area, and tell the operator you need a "Tipsy Tow." You don't have to be a member to get a free five to 15 mile, one-way tow home (rules vary), but the service is limited by area.

3. Call a Taxicab

To get the phone number of a cab company near you, send an SMS text message to 466453 ("GOOGLE" on most phones) with the word "taxi" and your zip code. For example, "taxi 55101" for taxi listings in St. Paul, MI. (You can test it out without racking up SMS charges at Try searching for restaurants. Very handy.)

Whatever happens, just remember the message from our friends in a galaxy far far away:

Friends don't let friends drive drunk.

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AAA doesn't offer a tipsy two at all even if you have a membership
they still wouldn't tow me when I was drunk
only on new years do they have any assisstance
your information is false and you must revise the site and not list them as an alternative to driving home drunk

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Use AAA's Tipsy Tow program. Just call the number listed for your area, and tell the operator you need a "tipsy tow". You don't have to be a member to get a free 5-15 mile one-way tow home (rules vary by region).

You see that part about rules varying by region? It's the last few words in that sentence. I believe that is where Greg pointed out THAT THE RULES VARY BY REGION, which means that you are SUPPOSED TO CHECK IT OUT BEFORE YOU GET DRUNK AND NEED A RIDE.

It's a New Year's Eve post. The date at the top? December 31? That's New Year's. Technically New Year's Eve advice, see?

Although AAA offers tipsy tow service for a number of holidays, it's actually your job, as an adult, to make plans to get home safe prior to actually becoming inebriated.


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Cyclone Motorcycle Rescue in DFW, TX area offers Tipsy Tow thru AAA on every 3 day national holiday weekend,

and for-a-fee Tipsy Tow anytime to any motorcycle rider.

Feel free to call us 817-308-9086) anytime you need a motorcycle towed.

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How about hiring a designated driver. 888.929.8282. They can get you home in your own car!!!

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Jamie Warner

Hi there,

I live in Orange County CA, and a group started a program that gives free taxi rides home. You call them, give them an account number and the dispatcher sends you a free taxi for a safe ride to your home. Im trying to expand this program, could you give me some feedback? positive/negative?

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this information was very helpful thank you ! =)

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The irony of drunk driving follows as this, being the driver, the responsibility of those in the car turns solely on you. In a United States court, it can be looked upon as manslaughter.
If one was to become friends with someone who does not drink at all, transportation would never be an issue and neither would driving drunk.