Amazon Toy Savings Includes Secret Rebate

Buying toys for the holidays? Take advantage of additional Amazon savings, by using this unadvertised rebate!


Amazon usually offers a selection of toys at various savings levels, and purchasing toys through Amazon has a few perks that you won’t find at other online retailers. (For more information, read my recent “The Case for Amazon” article.) From now until October 15th, Amazon offers a free subscription to Cookie Magazine on all qualifying toy orders over $25. What makes this a sweet deal is that you can accept a cash refund instead of the magazine, in the amount of $9.97!


All you have to do is make a qualifying toy purchase, and wait for your Amazon Order confirmation email to arrive in your inbox. (This will happen once your order ships.) Print off a copy and mail it to:


Conde Nast Publications,

Cookie Shops Amazon Special Offer

PO Box 37722

Boone, IA 50037-0722


Be sure to get it in by December 31, 2007! You are more than welcome to accept the magazine subscription, if you’re interested. But I’m going for combining deep discounted savings on select toys (50% off or more in some cases), combined with free shipping AND the $9.97 rebate.


This will make some kids very happy this year!

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