Amazon's secret 30-day price guarantee

Wise Bread reader Bob M. submitted the following tip about shopping at Amazon:

I came across this Slate article that talks about how Amazon offers a refund of the difference should any item you buy on Amazon decrease in price within 30 days of your purchase (and how Amazon doesn't publicise this policy). I found this [price watch link, see below] from the article useful because it's a site that automates the checking for you. I'll have to get in the habit of doing this every time I buy something from there.

Nice find, Bob!

Here's the deal. If you buy an item from Amazon and the the price goes down within 30 days, you can get a refund for the difference. All you have to do is ask customer service. This isn't about matching prices from other stores; this offer only applies if the price at Amazon goes down.

Here's the link to e-mail Amazon's customer service. Or better yet, call them at 1-800-201-7575. Dial seven right away to get to a live person, and ask them about the 30-day price matching.

There doesn't seem to be an official Amazon page about this policy, but ask about it and they should refund the difference. (At least, according to Slate.)

The second link Bob mentions is the Amazon Price Watch webpage at You can enter up to four items at once along with your e-mail address, and if the price drops for any of your items, you will get an e-mail. This tool makes it really easy to stay on top of potential savings! Be sure to stop by after every Amazon checkout.

If you bought anything from Amazon over the last month, check to see if you can get a few bucks back!

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Amazon has an excellent 30-day return policy, so technically, your item could be returned and re-bought at the new price. But Amazon could easily force you to do so, forcing you to eat the return shipping cost just to save some money on your end. That's why Amazon freakin' rules. Another example where customer service goes a long way to make loyal customers.

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check this one:

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Check this site out. It offers a bunch of tools to save money on Amazon, including a price watch tool.

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Just a FYI, Amazon just notified me that they have discontinued their 30 day price guarantee. Too bad, I took advantage of it often, maybe too often. The thing with amazon is that they are always increasing and decreasing their prices on various items. As a consumer, I will get annoyed to find out, the day after a purchase, the price is $10 cheaper and now there is nothing I can do about it (except cancel and reorder if it hasn't been shipped yet). I will still purchase items on amazon. I will be just a little more discerning.

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I was just also notified via email that the Amazon 30 Day Price Guarantee was discontinued... =( I will definitely be shopping elsewhere for certain items.